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Ariel Impossible Made Possible

Agency: Mobitainment & Brainbow Conscious Creatives    •    Client: Ariel (P&G)    •    Category: Best use of Mobile    •    Award: Certificate

Ariel, the laundry detergent from P&G South Africa, wanted to drive awareness through creating a real connection with their consumers, and started a movement to sing the praises of women who make the impossible possible.

  1. Increase Ariel brand awareness and association with movement of women empowerment
  2. Collect real stories of real women who have achieved success or overcome difficulties
  3. Build engagement & community

AUDIENCE: Domestic Workers, Stokvel Buying Club members: 30+, single, black women with low earnings

Campaign Objective

Inspired by the African Proverb: “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” Key insights were discovered from consumer engagements: most households in SA are female headed. Because of her unwavering strength and determination, she makes the impossible possible for her family without recognition. We partnered with renowned gospel singer Rebecca Malope to help us sing the praises of these extraordinary women. We showcased Letiwe’s: an office cleaner with 4 children whose impossible to possible story was taking her eldest daughter to nursing school while supporting her family. To celebrate them, we created a mobile platform where these stories were recorded. It was launched at a Rebecca Malope concert and the call to action was promoted on multiple platforms and consumer touchpoints: in store, at Stokvel activations, on radio and TV, through targeted print magazines and on social media and mobile advertising.

Target Audience: B2C Campaign
Mobile was the ultimate connector: PROMOTION: Mobile Call to Action promoted across all media MECHANICS: Mobile entry mechanism on a low cost, text-based, high-reach USSD portal that captured their details & triggered a voice call back with instructions to record their story –all translated into their language of choice. REWARD: Instant gratification prizes like airtime and cash delivered on their mobile phones & aspirational prizes like washing machines and the chance to tell their story on TV

The Execution

OVERALL CAMPAIGN EXECUTION: Mobile was the ultimate connector to the target audience via the multiple media platforms through the journey from awareness to engagement and reward…

PROMOTION: The Mobile Call to Action was promoted across all media from the traditional TV Show, TV ad, Radio, In store POS, Concert Promotion, Consumer Activations, Print Magazine, to digital on Social Media, targeted SMS Marketing, Mobile Advertising on targeted USSD portal

MECHANICS: Mobile entry mechanism on a low cost, text-based, high-reach USSD portal that captured their details, set the expectations of what was to happen and triggered a voice call back with instructions to record their impossible to possible story – which from the beginning was all translated into their language of choice.

REWARD: Not only were entrants surprised by instant gratification prizes like airtime and cash delivered on their mobile phones, but were delighted with aspirational prizes like washing machines and the chance to tell their story on

TV MOBILE EXECUTION & WHY MOBILE: Mobile was the fulcrum of the campaign as it enabled us to reach out to a wide audience on their cellphones and collect their stories. In the target audience of low to mid income bracket (LSM 5 – 7) the then local AMPS and MMA stats showed us that 90% of adult population had access to a mobile phone, with 56% smartphones as % of phones, leaving 44% still using feature phones. Mobile provided unique benefits to the campaign: It was extremely measurable and we could identify how entrants were entering and progressing and which points they were experiencing challenges. It allowed us to be flexible and adapt the entry mechanism to the audience entering and streamline the process to optimize results and effectiveness mid-campaign. By using mobile’s low-cost USSD and free voice call back we could reach the majority of South Africans who didn’t necessarily have a smartphone with Internet connection and expensive data on their phones – as it didn’t require an Internet connection or data to engage. What was extraordinary was the match between our target audience and the results of the data science on the entrants:83% black, 66% single, 58% in her thirties, earning between R3K to R10K ($200 -$700) pm. This proved that we reached the exact intended audience and invited them to engage and become part of the Ariel community.

The Stats

CONTEXT: To increase brand awareness on this relatively newly launched brand in SA (2013) Ariel sought out local insights from its consumers to reach the target audience with a message that was the inspiration to start to a movement in South Africa to sing the praises of the South African women who make the impossible possible in their community, to recognize our women in a local context as well as continue the global efforts to spread the word about gender roles and equality in our world.

EFFECT: This mobile hub we created opened a floodgate of genuine conversation as it allowed this new community to talk back to Ariel… This campaign was all about empowering women, and with Letiwe’s story leading by example, and judging by the Tweets, Facebook posts, SMS replies and at activations, we inspired many women to continue in furthering their education – showing us that we made an impact in educating a nation. From the stories we collected on mobile, we selected the best and invited these heroines to tell their story, in person, on the Mose Waka TV Show. This gave Ariel the opportunity to understand how to support them, individually, to achieving their own ambitions to change their lives. One of the most heart-warming stories was from a soccer mom who used her social grant money to fund the local soccer team. Ariel donated a full soccer kit for the team, to make sure each player was well-clothed for the next season and kept them running and scoring!

The Results

MARKET IMPACT: We believe our campaign made an impact and showed creativity through the innovative use of the mobile and the campaign delivered due to these Key Success Factors:

  1. Mobile Call to Action on all Media
  2. Low-cost Entry Mechanic on text based USSD and free call back
  3. Multi-language
  4. Celebrity Attraction
    • we captivated the audience with the familiar and much loved voice of gospel singer celebrity Rebecca Malope singing the praises of our women
  5. Unique use of mobile media types * Highly targeted SMS marketing campaign to an audience of domestic workers and stokvel (burial and group saving society members)
    • Targeted ads on new USSD portals where the USSD Call to action was frictionless
  6. Unique use of mobile audio – even mobile users on entry level phones with no access to data, Internet or Social Media could create user generated content by leaving their story for the world to hear.
  7. Flexibility to optimise script:
    • mobile allowed for flexibility in allowing entrants to call back in their own time, when they were ready with their story
  8. Measurability & Tracked Progress
  9. Data Science confirmed Media Match

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