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Blink To Speak

Agency: TBWA\India    •    Client: Asha Ek Hope Foundation    •    Category: Pharmaceutical / Healthcare    •    Award: Gold Award

An estimated 60 million patients of ALS, MNDs, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis live all around the world with a paralysed body and an alert mind. NeuroGen wanted to help these patients. They are able to give these patients a longer life, but no power to communicate. Because the alternative methods of communication like the E-TRAN board are very tedious and the hi-tech assistive tools unaffordable. Every day patients struggle to communicate their needs. And the only body part that is functional till the very end, are their eyes. So we set out to find a solution which was convenient and accessible for all. We created a new eye language for patients suffering from incurable brain and spine diseases and made it available for free to download on the Blink To Speak, NeuroGen and Asha Ek Hope websites. Blink To Speak has given a new hope to paralysed patients and their families. Now they have the power to express with the help of Asha Ek Hope and NeuroGen. These organisations distributed over 5000 Blink To Speak books to patients for free. Over 5000 patients associated with Asha Ek Hope and NeuroGen are now using or getting trained to use the eye language.

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