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Energy Without Boundaries

Agency: Barefoot Proximity    •    Client: APX    •    Category: Best Use of Search/Display    •    Award: Gold Award

Let's say you're the Sustainability Director for Corporation X. And you want to prove to shareholders that your company is committed to sustainability - that the energy you're using comes from solar and wind. So you purchase renewable energy credits that stake your claim on the amount of renewable energy your company will use.

APX runs the exchange where you can purchase these credits. And in 2017, APX launched a new credit that was the first global standard: TIGRs, Transferable Instruments for Global Renewables. Now you could purchase credits on one exchange for operations around the world.

Unfortunately APX launched in the era of Trump and a climate of nationalism, anti-renewable energy, and looming tariff wars that were threatening business models.

Our audience needed to know that APX was in their corner. So contrary to most B2B strategies, we took a political position. Our campaign would argue the sun and wind aren't national treasures, but global resources.

They needed to feel like APX was on top of the daily onslaught of bad news. So in addition to a hyper-targeted campaign of print, display and paid social posts, we owned the energy section of Fortune.com. A customized workflow allowed us to change these ads in 30 minutes, so that every time the lead story changed, so did our ad. This helped convey a message of APX having up-to-the-minute technology and a handle on energy policy.

Ad click-through rate was six times the industry benchmark. Traffic to APX.com went up by 77%.

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