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Agency: Cossette    •    Client: SickKids Foundation    •    Category: Art Direction    •    Award: Bronze Award

The incredible success of last year's acquisition campaign created a unique challenge. The 2017 campaign was so effective at converting prospects into donors that our actual prospect list was now quite thin. We needed to focus our attention to lead generation.

We knew that people with a personal connection to SickKids hospital are much more likely to become donors. So even if you haven't had a child at the hospital, how do we help you realize you still may have a personal connection to all the patients, parents, doctors, staff, volunteers, and fans that make up the SickKids family?

The idea of the SickKids Family Tree was born. An on-line hub created to connect everyone who has ever been touched by SickKids.

There was no better day to launch our campaign, then on Family Day weekend, a regional holiday that focuses on spending time and connecting with family.

We targeted existing donors and event participants asking them to join the tree. We then followed with advertising on social networks to amplify and invite new family, friends and followers to also join. Family Tree members could track their unique branch in real time and watch their support network expand through a series of stunning data visualizations.

By giving our advocates a unique, emotional and visually stunning platform to declare (and solicit) their personal connections to SickKids we were able to generate more than 5x as many new donor leads as originally targeted.

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