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The Stagecoach of the Desert Cowboys

Agency: Proximity Barcelona    •    Client: SKODA Spain    •    Category: Automotive    •    Award: Gold Award

The high quality, durability and affordable prices of SKODA vehicles make them accessible to everyone. However, consumers often don't even consider this brand when purchasing a car.

SKODA needed to turn its low visibility around without having to make a large investment. It took advantage of the launch of the new SUV SKODA Kodiaq to launch a branding campaign with social implications and a human element.

SKODA opted for social mobility as its brand purpose in Spain, by demonstrating that cars can improve people's lives.

It proposed to revitalize the region of the Tabernas Desert, the old staging grounds for Spaghetti Westerns, now threatened by depopulation due to the lack of transportation and basic services.

Where once there had been stagecoaches driven by horses, SKODA created a stagecoach for the 21st century, converting its first seven-seat SUV into a free transport service.

The story was told through a content marketing campaign, produced and distributed as content.

The Western gave the campaign a backstory that turned the small problem of a small region into a headline that the media couldn't ignore, increasing the brand's notoriety by up to three points and improving the human element associated with the brand.

All this had a clear effect on their business. Kodiaq orders increased by 97%, and SKODA grew +11% in sales.

The Stagecoach has been up and running for months. And although it hasn't changed the world, it has changed the lives of many people who fought not to abandon their birthplace.

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