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The International ECHO Awards assemble the best and brightest to celebrate excellence in data-driven marketing. Nominees are culled from around the world, hoping to win one of the marketing discipline’s most coveted trophies—the Gold, Silver or Bronze award. DMA is pleased to bring you these “behind the curtains profiles” of the top ECHO winners to help improve your own 2016 submissions!

How Drink Brand MILO Leveraged Technology to Connect with Millennial Parents

The Challenge:

In the Philippines, MILO has been around for over 50 years, owns 93% of the chocolate malt beverage market, and has been a strong patron of nationwide sports programs for decades. But while the numbers are impressive, they also contribute to MILO’s biggest challenge yet: How exactly can it grow from here?


How One Campaign Helped Millions of Diabetic Patients Find Effective Treatment

The Challenge:

Over 28 million Americans are currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but many struggle to find a treatment that works for them. They end up saying “I need to do better” or “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

This Campaign Made Insurance Emails Into High Impact Sales Drivers

The Challenge:

People in general only think about insurances on two occasions; when something has gone really wrong or when the invoice is due for payment. How do you create interest in insurance, when the topic rarely gets noticed? And how do you create interesting e-mail communication about insurance? These were growing concerns for If, the leading property and casualty insurance company in the Nordic region, and thus the main objectives around which this campaign was formed.


ECHO-Fuji-Xerox (1)

How A Fashion Show Made Fuji Xerox Printers the Season’s Hottest Item

The Challenge:

Launched in September 2014, the Fuji Xerox Versant 2100 was an all-new digital printing press designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This innovative new machine was a complete redesign both inside and out, and featured an impressive range of state-of-the-art features, color reproduction and stock handling capabilities. Fuji Xerox needed a campaign that would communicate this redesign and make a splash.

ECHO Gold Winner Proximity Barcelona Drives Sales By Simply Driving People

The Challenge:

The Škoda car brand is part of the Volkswagen Group. It originated in the Czech Republic and it is not a very popular brand on the Spanish market. It offers high-quality, durable cars at affordable prices. The brand generates rational purchasing decisions but is not outstanding from a design standpoint.

guardians of winter

BA Echo

How British Airways and One Granddaughter Forged Global Connections

The Challenge:

How could British Airways encourage more people to fly to Australia? The longest flight offered by British Airways (clocking in at 23 hours) presented a unique challenge for the airline and their agency OgilvyOne London.

“Coca-Cola Wants You to Drink This Ad”

The Challenge:

In the U.S. 80% of millennials have never tried Coke Zero, a low-calorie variation of Coca-Cola introduced in 2005. They perceive it to be just “another” diet drink with poor taste. However research shows that 60% of people who do try Coke Zero, like it. So much so that they go on to repeat purchase.

coke echo banner

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