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Hall of Fame Award

award-hofGive Legends of Data-Driven Marketing their Chance to Truly Shine

Welcome to the DMA Hall of Fame, celebrating the spirit of data-driven marketing-innovation, collaboration, creativity, and service.

The DMA Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award bestowed in the data-driven marketing industry honoring individuals who have made significant contributions in theory and practice have raised the level of professionalism, inspired future generations and have encouraged marketers to strive for excellence in data-driven marketing.

Inductees are mentors, are master collaborators, who have shared knowledge and experience, are ground-breaking builders of businesses, are creative and have influenced innovative insights into the data-driven marketing business. Inductees are industry leaders who have distinguished themselves from others with their ingenuity and commitment to nurturing the progress of data-driven marketing which inspired many. Inductees are those who have become icons in data-driven marketing.

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