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B2C Testimonials
  • I thought the course was very good! A nice refresher for those of us who have been doing this kind of writing for a long time (as we often lose sight of such things). Also, I can definitely see how this course is very beneficial to those just starting out/transitioning their role into this type of writing.
    - Chad Rutan, Copywriter, Highlights for Children
  • Although I have been a newspaper reporter and fiction writer, I had no previous education in copywriting, so I've been very excited to take this class. I can't think of any way it could have been better. Basically, I feel like it crammed the equivalent of a whole semester college copywriting class into 6 weeks, so I feel grateful to have been part of it.
    - Chris Morgan, Copywriter, Highlights for Children
  • The Digital Marketing Institute provided a holistic view at the power of all things digital. Great content! A true classroom environment with open dialogue. Refreshing!
    - Santiago Torres, Sr. Brand Manager, Advertising Communications, U.S Cellular
  • Great Presentations - good use of real world examples. I enjoyed the course, instructors and participants. They made the material come to life - real pros.
    - Mike Hiskett, SVP Company Ops, Money Mailler
  • The Direct marketing Conference was everything I was hoping for and more. It has given me the context for all direct marketing mediums and tied them all together. The value in direct mail alone is worth the conference. Ashleigh was a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor. Couldn't be beat!
    - Beth Safranic, Market Manager, VSP Vision Care
  • I benefited greatly from this course. It provided a very good foundation for how to create better copy for audience engagement. The course provided both b2c and b2b examples and instructions on how to improve in areas such as subject lines, call to actions, and social media engagement. Also, it reinforced how engaging your audience through content, and your unique identity can be very effective.
    - Dylan Graham, Digital Marketing Specialist, Edifice Group
  • It takes a great fundamental education to inspire the next generation of smart, funny and results based direct marketing professionals. The DMA Seminar is a must- do for all serious marketers today. Beth Smith is captivating, experienced and smart professional- don't miss a chance to attend.
    - Angela Caes, Director- Trade Marketing & Education, Tauck
  • Great Experience- want to come to more courses! Reinforced topics I know but needed to hear in a new way/perspective.
    - Paige Maurer, Scheduling Institute
  • Learned a lot about how we can leverage existing data and campaigns into more successful campaigns in all lines of business. Course was very thorough. Pegg did her research on Staples, which made it easier to understand.
    - Danielle Doucette, Marketing Specialist, Staples
  • The instructor was great and made topics interesting. This was extremely helpful to learn more and will absolutely apply this to our line of business.
    - Sr. marketing Manager, Comcast
  • Matt was wonderful, insightful, and engaging. The topics covered were relevant and useful.
    - Evelyn Veras, Digital Marketing Manager, Gerber Life Insurance
  • DMA recommended Neil Feinstein to us to present at our marketing team meeting. He was marvelous!!! We learned so much about fulfilling brand claims along with passion, innovation, integrity and integration. We can’t wait to start putting this learning to work.
    - Audree Hall, Marketing Manager, Pearson North America
B2B Testimonials
  • Beth is so up to date on what really works and what doesn't, and does an incredible job of tying real world examples and results into her points. While there will be review for everyone in sections here dependent on experience, the rich detail and specifics deliver real value for all sorts of direct marketers.
    - John Hale, Senior Manager - Relationship Marketing, Microsoft
  • Professor Feinstein was fantastic, his engaging style encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace all content and really learn.
    - Diana Castro, Director, Database Marketing, Gartner
  • DMA really helped me get familiar with the way my role matters and how it influences the rest of the business world. Being stuck happens too often when there is so much to do - this experience has refreshed my prospect as a professional in the digital marketing universe.
    - Alex Tejera, Associate Manager - Email Marketing, RCI Exchange
  • Really helpful and useful information to level-set. I've been in this industry several years and think we each have a tendency to get stuck in our own heads and clients. It's great to take a step back and re-evaluate what/why were doing and reengage with some best practices to really grow our business.
    - Julie Love, Account Supervisor, Client Services, Javelin
  • Heard great things about this seminar and it far surpassed anything I had origionally though. Very much enjyed learning from Ashleigh and loved all the examples!
    - Paige Dusek, Copywriter, Sammons Financial Group
  • The course offered very topical information that I can bring back to my business & apply to my job. Neil was engaging & excellent instructor!
    - Samantha Castro, Marketing Director, IDEAg Group LLC
  • This seminar was phenomenal. Beth is a master of all things direct marketing, as well as approachable and friendly. She's such a great mentor to have in the learning process. As someone coming from general advertising and now to the direct marketing world, this 3-day course was a critical and extremely informative introduction. I highly recommend this course!
    - Kelly Markey, Copywriter
  • This was an excellent seminar. It exceeded my expecations in terms of our instructor, not only from a knowledge stand point, but her ability to relay information in an upbeat and interesting way. I felt taken care of here from a comfort level with the abudance of breaks and snacks. I thought the extras like the afternoon snacks and facility tour made for a more pleasurable experience. This seminar is a great was to learn a lot of material from an experienced and credible source!
    - Alissa Ott, Marketing Specialist, Penske Truck Leasing
  • This seminar helped me jump-start my career. As a newcomer to the field of marketing, I found this course invaluable and will draw on these skills for years to come.
    - Marha Gallant, Marketing Associate, SSA & Company
  • It was a perfect mix of telling, asking questions, and collaboration. Each class member was valued and contributed to make the class interactive and quite fun. I learned new things each class and I thought I had a decent understanding before the class!
    - Steve Sulkowski, Vice President, Behavior Matrix
  • Extremely relevant information! Beth is a great presenter! I will be able to apply most of what I learned to my work and kept a list of ideas I gathered over the past 3 days.
    - Mary Rivers, Sr. Graphic Designer, Defender Direct
  • Beth Smith was excellent. She knows her stuff and has interesting data to back it up.
    - Derek Kirby, Marketing Strategist, Alphagraphics
  • As a result of this course, I was able to create specific courses of action to improve and elevate the marketing efforts of my clients.
    - Tom Ellis, Sales Consultant, Alphagraphics
  • The DMA has justifiably become the foremost authority on DM. Beth Smith comes highly recommended.
    - Chad Stewart, Channel Marketing Manager, Alphagraphics
Nonprofit Testimonials
  • I really enjoyed the small group experience. It was intimate and I learned a lot through my colleagues as well as from our awesome instructor, Jeannette McMurtry. Jeannette is the consumate professional, a sage in the psychology marketing field, and a gifted instructor. I look forward to applying my new knowledge back in San Diego and seeing a positive return.
    - Monica Doyle, UC San Diego Extension
  • I had a lot of "lightbulb" moments during the seminar, at least one or two in every section. I am not new to the marketing world so it was refreshing to stimulate my thinking, and take my education of the field to the next level.
    - Laura Merola, Marketing Specialist, CONNSTEP INC
  • Asheligh was an excellent presenter. I appreciate that the DMA examples/info/slides featured current campaigns and examples. The seminar was packed with great info. We probably should've allocated 2 days! My teams loved and appreciated the workshop.
    - Mike Kennedy, Creative Director, Compassion International
  • The direct marketing essentials seminar was very informative and relevant to our work as creative professionals in the non-profit sector.
    - Kelly Nix, Field Content Manager, Children International
  • Douglas was great! Provided great information as well as examples of practical applications for our organization. I would highly recommend Douglas for additional seminars.
    - Jason Fox, Creative Manager, The Gideons International
  • Went beyond my expectations. I was impressed with Doug's presentation. He was very professional and was able to explain everything in clear details. At some points I felt like he knew more about our association than we did! He definitely did his research and gave us a great presentation. Job well done!
    - Lauren Rives, Graphic Designer, The Gideons Intl
  • The DMI seminar will be immediately useful to me as Campaign Manager. The seminar included great examples of best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid. I came away with some great ideas to improve existing campaigns and exciting ideas for new campaigns.
    - Julia Wiegers, Campaign Manager
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