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DMA has just introduced a ground-breaking enterprise talent development program for Customer Insights at two levels. Customer Insight is defined as the understanding and application of the “deep truth” about the customer.

These insights are gleaned from customer behaviors, experiences, beliefs, needs or wants and matched to product or service offering. Customer insights allow marketers to understand buyer propensity and behavior.

Level 1

This 2-day course will cover the core areas of customer insight allowing attendees to go beyond the aggregation of raw data and research to know how to create and apply a multi-dimensional view of their customer. Included are strategies for understanding the full customer journey and outlining how to be actionable with customer insights.

Level 2

This 2-day course will dive deeply into the application of concepts in level 1. This hands-on session will help companies to actually leverage customer insights to create growth. Included are applying the full customer journey and beginning to be actionable with customer insights.

The Program

The program has been developed with input from deep subject matter industry experts and is being piloted by some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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