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Copywriting Essentials Certificate

Earn your certificate in copywriting from DMA! Learn the rules of storytelling for brand development from some of today’s most unforgettable brands.

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There are currently no classes scheduled. If you are interested in learning about upcoming education opportunities, visit https://www.ana.net/schoolofmarketing

Course Description

You’ve got your creative; you’ve got great content, now it’s time to make it shine with words. But the words you use and how you use them are of vital importance. This 6-week live online certificate program will help participants integrate fundamental strategies and tools using well-written copy to build and sustain customer relationships. This course will address the fundamentals from traditional media, like direct mail, as well as emphasize writing for new digital media, including email, social media, web, and publicity. You’ll learn to draw rules from the traditional and apply them to digital.

The goal of every marketer is to integrate across all channels and build new relationships as well as strengthen your existing ones. Here, we will touch on how to create an integrated marketing plan across channels effectively. You’ll discover ways in which leveraging your work in one area can be coordinated and supportive in others.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to take the Copywriting Essentials Certificate exam. Upon passing the exam, you will receive your DMA badge in Copywriting Essentials to display prominently on your resume, business card, and social media profiles – showing that you have attained an elite status as a professional marketer and practitioner.

The only way to become a good writer is to write. A lot. Every day. Start here with DMA’s Copywriting Essentials Certificate Program.


  • How to write great copy for today’s markets
  • Learn to create an effective marketing strategy and the tactics involved
  • Write for all channels: teasers, taglines, value propositions, offers, calls to action
  • Discover ways to write for traditional channels with emphasis on DM/Print
  • Explore writing across digital channels
  • Delve into writing for emerging channels


Christine Fleming McIsaac
President Smart Solutions Group, Inc. Read Biography »
Clare Harrison
President Full Circle Consulting, Inc. Read Biography »

Session 1: Writing Great Copy for Today’s Markets

  • Introduction
    • Who we are and how we cross over all of marketing and all titles and levels
    • Who you are and what is your scope of work
  • How the class will work
  • Getting started with writing techniques
  • Editing – The rules and mechanics of good copy
    • Examples – The good, the bad, the ugly
    • Style
    • Organization
    • Layout
  • Interactive review of real copy examples

Session 2: Crafting “The Story”

  • Assignment Review
  • Circles of Marketing
  • Integrating your marketing strategies: DM, publicity, digital, advertising
  • Being relevant, unexpected, unique – Looking at things from a new angle
  • When you write why are you writing? Ask these four questions:
    • What am I selling?
    • Who am I selling to? And who else is selling to them?
    • Why am I selling this now? What do I want my customer to do?
  • Marketing Copy Essentials
    • Features and Benefits
    • Unique Value Proposition
  • Testing and Resources

Session 3: Expanding “The Story” Across Channels in Short Messages

  • Assignment review
  • Writing the Short Message—Subject Line, Tagline, Teaser
    • Ones that work & Open Rates
    • Ones that work. Let’s figure out why
    • Strategies for writing good short messages
    • Interactive Review of Real Copy Examples
  • The Call to Action

Session 4: Expanding “The Story” Across Channels in Medium Messages/Digital Channels

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Assignment review
  • Writing the Medium Message—Digital Channels
  • Why Use Digital Channels?
  • Mobile Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • What’s Your Digital Strategy
  • Writing for Digital Marketing
  • Case Study: Integrating Your Digital Efforts

Session 5: Expanding “The Story” Across Channels in Long Messages

  • Assignment review
  • Writing the Long Message—Direct Mail Pieces, Email, Blogs
  • The Message – Email Marketing
  • The Letter – Direct Mail Marketing
  • The Body – Blogs
  • Examples for each
  • What Works

Session 6: Putting It All Together

  • Assignment review
  • Keep Pushing Outside the Box
  • Landing Pages
  • Integrated Marketing Case Studies (short, medium, long messages)
  • Key Takeaways

Outline is subject to change

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