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Comprehensive CRM and Database Marketing

The keys to measuring and tracking marketing data, so you can make intelligent business decisions.

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Course Description

As a marketer there is nothing more important than the customer and their interaction with your product or service. Database marketing is at the core of all customer relationship management (CRM) efforts. Whether you have database marketing in your title or you are just trying to figure out how to better work with your database marketing team to achieve business goals – this course is for you.

Spend 2 days with industry expert, Devyani Sadh, Ph.D. getting to know successful CRM and Database marketing from both the business- strategy and the technical - analytical side. Whatever you choose you can be sure you will leave with a toolkit of ideas on how to support your customer from acquisition through long term loyalty.


  • Strategies to Solve Key Business and Marketing Challenges
  • What every Marketer needs to Know About their Marketing Database
  • Tapping into the Database with Effective Reporting, BI, Profiling, and RFM
  • Understanding the Role of Advanced Analytics in Driving Business Success
  • Mining the Database with Advanced Analytics
  • Identifying Segments within the Database
  • Learning Classification Techniques to Leverage Marketing Opportunities
  • Using Predictive Modeling to Enhance Targeted Marketing


Devyani Sadh
CEO Data Square Read Biography »
Day 1: Lifecycle CRM and Business Strategy Overview 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

CRM and Database Marketing: An Introduction and Strategic Overview

  • What is database marketing? How is it different from direct marketing and CRM?
  • What are the key benefits?
  • What are the key components of database marketing?

Strategies to Solve Key Business and Marketing Challenges

  • Acquiring and building new customer relationships
  • Strategies to retain, grow and monetize the customer base
  • Methods to build customer loyalty
  • Reactivating inactive customers

What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Their Marketing Database

  • Test your knowledge: What are the different types of marketing databases?
  • What are the key components of a marketing database?
  • Learn about the difference types of available data and sources
  • Why is accurate Customer Data Integration (CDI) critical for business success?
  • Understand the key processes in database development and how they impact marketing success

Tapping into the Database with Effective Reporting, BI, Profiling, and RFM

  • Test your knowledge: What is the difference between reports, queries, OLAP, BI, dashboards?
  • Find out how to use reporting and BI to track, benchmark, monitor and evaluate success
  • Learn how to use profiling to enhance targeting and to better communicate with your customers
  • Leveraging cell-based methods to enhance targeting effectiveness: Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis (RFM)

Understanding the Role of Advanced Analytics in Driving Business Success

  • Overview of frequently used analytic techniques and applications
  • Does it make sense for you to invest in advanced analytics?
  • How to use and evaluate models and analytics
  • What to expect by way of gains and how to balance cost vs. ROI

Creating Winning Campaigns and Contact Strategies

  • What you need to create, deploy and evaluate campaigns
  • What you may not understand about contact strategy
  • Why you should segment, target and manage contact strategies
  • Multi-step targeting: Making it Work
  • Multi-channel integration: The wave of the future
  • The secrets of contact strategy optimization
  • Steps to effective campaign management

Evaluating Campaign and Business Success

  • Find out how testing increases response rates from campaigns
  • Learn best practices in Testing and Experimental Design
  • Understand statistically valid ways of setting up test cells
  • From A/B testing to multivariate optimization

Collaborating with your Database, BI, Analytics and Campaign Teams

  • Asking the right questions of your database group
  • Requesting the right reports from the BI team
  • Designing, evaluating and using analytics and predictive models to enhance success
  • Structuring winning campaigns with sound testing and evaluation plans
Day 2: Analytics to Drive Strategy 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Mining the Database with Advanced Analytics: Overview

  • What is data mining?
  • What are the most frequently used data mining techniques?
  • Test your knowledge: Statistical vs. Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  • How others are applying data mining to solve problems

Identifying Segments within the Database

  • Applying segmentation for enhancing relevance and personalization
  • Basic concepts and types of segmentation
  • What and why do marketers segment
  • How to create segments using Cluster Analysis
  • The role of the marketer in developing a segmentation scheme
  • Real world applications: Strategic customer segmentation

Learning Classification Techniques to Leverage Marketing Opportunities

  • A simple way to think about classification and CHAID
  • Comparing CHAID to regression-based approaches
  • Examples and applications

Using Predictive Modeling to Enhance Targeted Marketing

  • Basic principles of predictive modeling
  • Most frequently used types of models
  • Key steps in model development
  • What marketers need to know about modeling
  • Comparison of modeling techniques: Regression vs. Neural Networks
  • Compute the ROI on a predictive model
  • Everyday applications of predictive modeling

Using Association and Sequences for Optimizing Bundles, Offers and Placement

  • Basic concepts underlying Association and Sequence Analysis
  • Frequently used applications: Market basket analysis/product affinity analysis
  • The most important things to understand about product affinity analysis
  • How measuring product affinity can pay off later
  • Real-life success stories

Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value for Driving Strategic Decisions

  • What the fuss about Customer Lifetime Value is all about
  • How do you estimate it?
  • Improve your decision-making using Customer Lifetime Value
  • Using Lifetime Value principles to make budget justifications for new programs
  • How to apply Customer Lifetime Value in your business and to make predictions
  • Examples and applications

Putting It All Together

  • Pick the right technique to solve specific business problems
  • Find out how to best combine different analytic techniques for optimal results

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