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Customer Insights Certificate

Go behind the scenes with expert Matt Bailey – the guy who taught Google analytics at Google! – to target beyond simple demographics and gain a clearer picture of your customers and their attitudes

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Course Description

Learn to target beyond simple demographics and segments to gain a clearer picture of your customers and their attitudes on a significantly deeper level – and, in doing so, improve your marketing strategy and increase ROI.

Customer Insights is a new discipline borne from the ability to access better, higher quality data at much faster speeds. In this self-paced online certificate program, you will learn the trends that have brought us to customer insights, the definitions and the value of this approach, and how customer insights enables you to go beyond marketing to create a full customer view throughout the customer’s entire life cycle.

Join expert Matt Bailey as he explains the customer database, the importance of – and how to measure – customer value and loyalty, how to effectively leverage customer personas into a successful segmentation campaign, and how to overcome potential pitfalls and roadblocks to implementing an effective customer insights program at your company. Case Studies from Amazon, Teavana, TruGreen and others are used to illustrate exactly how other companies have undertaken their own customer insights programs with incredible results.

The modular coursework for this Certificate includes developing skills in areas such as:

Understanding Customer Insights

  • Macro trends defining the landscape
  • Data sources for customer insights
  • The financial impact of customer attitudes on your business
  • Customer value
  • Needs-based segments
  • Tools and metrics used in determining customer insights

The Customer Database

  • Organizational roadblocks to proper data management
  • The impact of ‘bad data’
  • Data collection methods
  • Key sources of data for customer insights
  • Checklist for customer insights success

Customer Value & Loyalty

  • Calculating Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)
  • The customer migration trend
  • Loyalty programs and the value of customer loyalty
  • Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Customer Segmentation

  • Developing B2B and B2C buyer profiles / personas
  • Developing a needs-based framework
  • Dispelling common myths about the customer
  • How to use psychographics to identify customer attitudes, values and lifestyle
  • The lifestyle classification model

Customer Journey Mapping

  • Steps to creating an effective customer journey map
  • Evaluating specific stages in the journey
  • Brainstorming new behaviors and processes
  • Determining the financial impact of changing a customer’s “moment of influence”
  • Redesigning the customer journey

Implementing Customer Insights

  • The 5 “moments of truth” in the customer journey
  • Using customer insights to influence a 360 degree marketing plan
  • Selecting a technology partner
  • Building your RFP
  • Changing the company culture

*Recommended Pre-certificate Coursework
DMA recommends completing the series on Using Data to Know Your Customer: CRM & Attribution before taking the Customer Insights Certificate. The knowledge contained in that program is fundamental to the material in this certificate program. You may have equivalent knowledge through your professional experience, and if so may not need the pre-certificate coursework. Be sure to review the program description to ensure your experience aligns with the base of knowledge required.

DMA Certificate modules are designed and led by nationally-recognized experts, ensuring that your learning experience is of the highest caliber.

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Understanding Customer Insights
Customer Insights is a new discipline borne from the ability to access better, higher quality data at much faster speeds. In Understanding Customer Insights, you will learn the trends that have brought us to customer insights, the definitions and the value of this approach, and how Customer Insights enables you to go beyond marketing to create a full customer view throughout the customer’s entire life cycle. Learn to target beyond simple demographics and segments to gain a clearer picture of customers and their attitudes on a significantly deeper level.

The Customer Database
In “The Customer Database”, you will learn what the customer database is, the organizational obstacles to its proper implementation and use, and how to apply it to gain insights into your customers. Learn what types of data are required for customer insights, and the pros and cons of some common data technologies. Using a series of case studies from leading companies, this module will equip you with a clear understanding of the important components of the successful application of data to yield insights and drive customer behavior.

Customer Value & Loyalty
In order to get to the heart of customer insights, we need to find and use the right data to identify the value of our customers – an important step in understanding the direction of your company and its growth potential. Knowing who your customers are, how much they spend, identifying trends and key events in the life of your customer will enable you to react appropriately and prepare for the health of your company. In this module, you will learn how customer insights can be applied to your business strategy in order to drive profitability, effective decision-making, and how to develop a roadmap that will ensure the continued health of your organization through customer value and loyalty.

Customer Segmentation
In this module, we will be discussing segmentation and customer data. People are producing about 2.5 quintillion bytes of online data every day. How can marketers harness this data to leverage personalized interactions with the customer, to the benefit of their brand? Learn how to leverage your data to better position your brand in front of the customer; how to optimize the customer experience in real time based on insights gained from your data; and how marketers can utilize the right tools to identify the attitudes, values and lifestyles of their customers and ensure that the resulting customer messaging is seamless.

Customer Journey Mapping
Join marketing expert Matt Bailey walks you through how to create a customer journey map as part of the Customer Insights process. You will learn the initial steps to creating a journey map and how to refine your map, with the end objective of identifying and redesigning pain points in the customer journey. You will see how these steps – backed up by key data and insights – provide a rationalization and monetary justification for changing a previously negative experience in the customer journey to a positive one – in order to win brand promoters and improve customer retention.

Implementing Customer Insights
Building on the preceding courses in this series, expert Matt Bailey discusses how company culture is the most important factor in the success or failure of a customer insights program. Customer insights is based on a customer-first mentality, supported by the data, and connected to an important business financial result. Steps you can take to change the culture in your own company and issues to consider when selecting a technology partner to implement customer insights – as well as examples of how other companies changed their culture based on customer insights – will all be discussed.

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