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Data Governance in the Era of Big Data

Good data governance encompasses the practices of privacy, security, data provenance and data stewardship. This module will cover the language and best practices of marketing data governance as well as will provide the understanding of the relationship between brand, consumer trust and data use practices.

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Course Description

Data is the lifeblood of every organization and essential to successful marketing. But there are serious threats and challenges to ensure proper data governance at your organization. Join DMA’s legal counsel and consumer data compliance expert as they guide you through the best ethical practices to ensure that you are equipped to provide proper data governance in the era of Big Data. In this module, you will discover the key benefits of good data governance, how DMA and our industry encourages and oversees the proper use of data through active self-regulation, and how marketing data should be managed within your organization. We will show you how to find the vulnerabilities in your data practices, and equip you with the tools and action steps to ensure compliance for the benefit of your customers and organization.


  • Purpose & foundation of data governance
  • Data assessment
  • Marketing data
  • Privacy
  • Data security
  • International considerations
  • Actionable steps


Senny Boone
General Counsel, SVP, Compliance & Ethics Data & Marketing Association Read Biography »
Lisa Brown Shosteck
DMA Accountability Managing Consultant — DMA Privacy Shield Program Administrator — Director, Email Experience Council Data & Marketing Association Read Biography »

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Key Marketing Data Concepts
  • checkmark Best practices of marketing data stewardship
  • checkmark The Relationship between Brand, Consumer Trust and Data Governance
  • checkmark Actionable Steps You Should Take

Purpose & Foundation of Data Governance

  • Threats To Good Data Governance
  • Data Governance Definition & The Four Building Blocks To Good Data Governance
  • Data Governance Key Benefits
  • Why Data Governance Is Important
  • DMA Accountability Roles

Data Assessment

  • Inventory
    • What to ask
    • Types of data
  • Assess
    • Inventory your data
    • ID data sources
  • Data Flows

Marketing Data

  • Data Types
    • PII
      • Sensitive categories
    • Public data
    • Private data/ IP data
    • Anonymized data
  • Data Security Lifecycle
    • Setting a data strategy management plan
    • US & other compliance considerations
    • Lifecycle Determinants
  • Should All Data Be Governed Equally?


  • Privacy By Design Approach
  • Building Your Privacy Policy
    • Tips for creating a privacy notice
    • Onward transfer
    • Customer privacy & marketing
  • Case Studies
    • B2C
    • Social Media
    • Direct Mail

Data Security

  • Applicable DMA Guidelines
    • Finding the vulnerabilities in your data
  • The Rise in Data Breaches
    • Security Notice
  • Steps to Take to Prepare & Protect Your Data
    • Data integrity
    • Clean/update/hygiene

International Considerations

  • Privacy Shield
    • Key components
    • Privacy shield principles
    • Privacy shield notice
  • GDPR
  • CASL
  • Differences among GDPR, CASL & CAN-SPAM

Actionable Steps

  • Protecting Your Brand
    • Balancing customer respect & innovation
    • DMA Guidelines & ethical business practices
  • Taking a Holistic Approach
    • Data silos
    • The new data governance model
    • Marketing & self-regulation resources

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