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Social CRM

The social CRM module will also help a participant build a social business that combines technology with human analysis of consumer sentiment, and help assemble and integrate social media between business units to help manage and track brand conversations.

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This course is not currently being offered. If you are interested in learning about upcoming education opportunities, visit https://www.ana.net/schoolofmarketing

Course Description

This module focuses on the convergence of social media and customer relationship management, as well as the strategies for using SCRM to build customer relationships.


  • Distinguish between social media marketing and social customer service
  • The definitions for the activities that create social customer service management
  • Identifying why customers are using social media to interact with brands
  • Keep tabs on conversations by learning monitoring methods
  • Build a social business that combines technology with human analysis of consumer sentiment
  • Assemble and integrate social media between business units to help manage and track the brands conversations
  • Preparing a SCRM plan for the 2020 customer
  • Know your objectives from the start-so that you can measure success and allocate resources more effectively


Neil Feinstein
Assistant Professor St. John’s University Read Biography »

Social Media + Customer Relationship Management = SCRM

  • Social + CRM Defined
    • Beware! Social Customer Relationship Management Imposters
    • Social Media Strategy versus Social Business Strategy
    • How does Social Customer Relationship Management work?
    • Business Units Inventory Activity
    • Now Becoming Your Customer
    • The Growth of Multi-Channel Customer Managed Relationships
  • Where are our social customers and who are they?
    • Where are the Customers? Customer Relationship Management…
    • Meeting Customers where they are: Social Media Roadmap
    • Which Demographics Use Social Media?
    • Your Customer’s Digital Footprint
    • Assignment- Creating Customer Personas
  • What do customers want from social media?
    • Reasons Consumers Go to Social Media or Social Networking Sites
    • Online Reviews: Reputation Management
    • Who to Believe “Friends” or Brands?
    • Discounts on Social Media
    • Best and Worst Social Media Practices
    • Good Social Media Practices
    • Employees as Brand Ambassadors
    • Listening & Responding as a SCRM Strategy

Social In Your Organization

  • Building A Social Business
    • Who Owns the Social Channels? And What are They Getting Out of it?
    • Marketing, Sales, Public Relations & Technology Departments and Social
    • Who Owns the Customer Relationships?
      • Who Should Own It?
    • Which Direction is the Funnel Going in?
    • Creating Brand Ambassadors Through Sales and Marketing Integration
  • Business Functions Working Together
    • Understanding the Marketing Initiative
    • What does the Sales Team need?
    • Public Relation’s Role
    • Technologists
    • Customer Service
    • Overlap of Process, People, and Technology
    • The Technology of Customer Relationship Management
    • The Ideal: Social Customer Relationship Management

Your Social CRM Plan

  • Preparing for the 2020 Customer
    • Extreme Customer Centricity
    • Social for Prospective Customers
    • Social for Loyal Customers
    • Social to Build Community
    • Social to Make the Sale
    • Social for Technological Assistance
    • Social for Customer Support
    • Social to Resolve Complaints
    • Selling Without Selling
    • Using Technology as a facilitator
    • Social Customer Relationship Management Automation
  • Tips for Achieving Success
  • A Note on Privacy and Consumer Trust

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