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The Psychology of Choice

If you’re not marketing to the psychological drivers that influence behavior, you’re wasting your time and budget. And likely 90% of both!

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Course Description

If you’re not marketing to psychological drivers that influence attitudes and behavior, you’re wasting your time and budget. And likely 90% of both!

This course breaks down how consumers really make decisions, consciously and most importantly, unconsciously which is how 90% of our choices are made. The psychology of survival, happiness, loss vs. rewards, risk aversion, along with influences like authority and reciprocity will be discussed in actionable ways that you can apply immediately to your brand stories and content, customer experience, offers and marketing campaigns across all channels.

You’ll learn how to create emotional value and fulfillment for your brand, products and services, B2B and B2C, and to project a brand that shares like values with targeted customers, and inspires engagement, collaboration, and evangelism for lifetime value.

End goal: At the end of this course, you will be able to create and execute psychologically relevant campaigns that hit deep to the core of what moves consumers today and achieve “unthinkable” ROI.

What you will learn in this interactive, one-of-a-kind course?

  1. Brain chemistry: How dopamine, oxytocin, cortisol and serotonin rushes influence what we think of brands and their messages, and how to appeal to each of these critical neurotransmitters to trigger response and sales
  2. Creative psychology: How shapes, colors, images, even fonts impact response.
  3. Thought processes: How we process information and stimuli to make choices, rational or not.
  4. Passion plays: How to build religious like loyalty, evangelism for your brand
  5. Mind blocks: How to close down deep-rooted attitudes and perceptions, associated with cultural nuances, to open minds and direct marketing sends
  6. Specific ways you can up psychological relevance, response and ROI for your campaigns.


  • Human and Consumer psychology related to how we choose
  • Social influencers impacting choice of brand and loyalty
  • Color psychology
  • Creating messaging and experiences upon ESPs – emotional selling propositions
  • Psychology-based campaigns that increase revenue by 200 – 600%
  • Building emotional bonds that take price and competitors out of the equation


Jeanette McMurtry
Owner e4marketing Company Read Biography »

Week 1

  • How the brain decides
    • Unconscious triggers
    • Conscious influencers
  • How we think. Or don’t when it comes to decision making
    • Preconceived notions and the definition of “truth”
    • How our survival instinct informs our thoughts and choices
  • What matters most to consumers today:
    • Generational influences
    • Cultural influences
  • Defining ESPs for your brand:
    • Emotional Selling Propositions vs. Unique Selling Propositions

Week 2

  • Engaging consumers with ESPs
  • Experiences that matter: creating journeys, experiences that become “movements” and add value beyond products
  • Borrowing from the Church: tenets of religious like loyalty
  • Campaigns and case studies for psychological relevance
  • Putting it all together: Step-by-Step guidelines for building ESP campaigns
  • Audits: Review of selected attendees marketing materials
    • Assessment of current psychological appeal
    • Suggestions for how to better engage consciously and unconsciously for unthinkable ROI

Outline is subject to change.

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