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Stay on top of the ever-changing marketing landscape. Know if it’s a fad or phase or if it’s the real deal! Understand today’s prevailing trends, emerging technologies and marketing innovations. This course is designed to help prioritize the latest developments and advancements (and their implications) in today’s volatile marketplace…so you can embrace them and put them to work immediately.

Topics may include technology advances such as The Internet of Things, Social Media proliferation, Optimized ROI, Programmatic Buying, Attribution, Omnichannel Marketing and Ad Blocking. In addition to trends in the marketplace, understanding shifting perceptions and behavioral changes by a new generation of consumers, to Millennials and Baby Boomers and how to capitalize on recent changes in advertising channels.

At the beginning of the course each student will be given access to a suite of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Google Analytics etc.) attached to a company that will be created specifically for the course.

Participants will be asked to promote the company using the accounts and leveraging the material covered in each module. We will then spend time reviewing and discussing the efficacy of the promotion and how it relates to the material covered in the course.

About The Instructor

Joel Weingarten
Joel Weingarten is a currently a consultant to early stage start-up businesses He works with founders and CEOs on high level strategy, fundraising, team bu... Read More »
Michelle Said
Michelle Said is the Senior Manager, Certification and Curriculum Development with the New Marketing Institute. In addition to overseeing and editing documen... Read More »

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $599
  • dollar Non-Member - $999

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Course Duration

  • 6 Weeks (90 min/week)

Week 1

Old School Cool — Are email and paid search still important?

  • Email Marketing – Focus on overcoming the black hole of google tabs.
  • Email as noise?
  • Email as people move to mobile and watch as their main screens etc.
  • Google – CPC – Paid Search
  • Website advertising

Do brand pages even matter anymore? A closer look at Facebook as a mature platform

  • Facebook pages in an age where corporate page posts are no longer seen
  • Auto-sharing and Auto-connect
  • Video on Facebook

Week 2
Reaching Millennials: Where are the eyeballs now?

  • Overview with emphasis on marketing opportunities on various popular platforms
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Blogs
    • Periscope
    • Content creation as DM
    • Snapchat
      • The role of portrait video

Week 3
Programmatic 101

  • Introduces the key players in the field and the basics of the programmatic umbrella, including RTB
  • Introducing goals based marketing
  • Programmatic defined
  • Simplifying the advertising landscape
  • The evolution of programmatic
  • The display advertising landscape
  • Measurement/analytics
  • Verification
  • Demand side platforms
  • Retail time bidding
  • The programmatic umbrella
  • Industry trends

Week 4
Can it be done? Is it working? How do I know?

  • Optimized ROI/analytics
    • Intro to analytics
  • Multichannel Attribution
    • How much is an ad really worth?
  • Ad blocking
    • Is anyone seeing my marketing?
  • Why coding is important
    • Why it matters to marketers
    • Intro to coding for marketers

Week 5
Omnichannel Marketing

  • Video – A complete overview of the digital video ecosystem and the technologies that are unique to video advertising online, from in-stream functionality to pre-roll advertising, and beyond.
    • History and current state of video advertising
    • Key terms
    • Demystifying technology specific to video campaigns
    • VAST tags
    • Best practices
  • Mobile – Many people think of mobile as a channel, but it’s actually a separate platform that plays by its own rules
    • History and current state of mobile advertising
    • Key terms
    • Demystifying technology specific to mobile devices
    • Best practices

Week 6
The Next Generation

  • The sharing economy —
    • How digital marketing could play in the sharing economy
  • Social Shopping
    • All talk-no sales?
  • Penetrating Messaging Apps
    • WhatsApp allowing paid ads?
  • Focus on shifting consumer behavior and emerging technologies and how that could affect digital marketing
    • Internet of Things
    • VR
    • WeLive (communal living for millennials)
    • G5 mobile
    • Self-driving cars and the move away from car ownership
    • Automation (robotics revolution etc.)

Outline is subject to change

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