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Email Deliverability 201

March 21, 2018
10:00am – 4:00pm


Email Deliverability 201 is a hands-on, advanced, one-day learning experience. This class will cover intermediate to advanced email deliverability concepts, as well as answer email marketing related questions that you have always wanted to ask. We will also have individual and team exercises to provide “real world” deliverability learning.

The course is a great fit for anyone in the email marketing field that understands deliverability basics, but wants to learn more advanced concepts. Those interested in intermediate to advanced deliverability concepts, how mail server configuration files work, understanding spam filtering definitions, and how to grow your business with email should attend. We will be covering both technical and non-technical pieces of email deliverability, but you don’t need to be entirely technical to take this class.

This class covers intermediate to advanced concepts of email deliverability, and provides actual details, metrics, and tools that you and your team can use. You will walk away from this course with multiple action items to take back and improve your email marketing program! At the end of the class, each participant will be required to answer a 20 question exam to achieve the class certificate.


  • DMARC Reporting
  • Advanced List Segmentation
  • Advanced Rate Limits and Connection Settings
  • MTA Configuration Files
  • Spam Filter Definitions
  • Spam Filter Rules and Details
  • Understanding Feedback Loop Details
  • Advanced Deliverability Signals
  • International ISP Specifics
  • & Much More

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $599
  • dollar Non-Member - $999

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What You'll Learn

About The Instructor

Zack Aab
Zack Aab brings experience with both startups and multimedia marketing to Inbox Pros. He has run dozens of successful email campaigns and knows how to integr... Read More »

Course Duration

  • 1 Day

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  • Email Headers
  • List-unsubscribe
  • MIME
  • Message ID
  • DKIM Signature
  • DKIM Breakdown
  • Authentication & Validation

Advanced List Segmentation

  • Segmentation Basics
  • Geographic Location
  • Gender, Age, interests, demographics
  • Persona development
  • B2B/B2C (What to know)
  • Strategy tips
  • Optimizing Content
  • Basic strategy
  • Retention strategy
  • Text/image ratio
  • Subject lines
  • How to have a higher open & click rate
  • Personalization
  • CTA (Call to Action)

Exercise one
Optimizing HTML

  • HTML Basics
  • Inline vs external css
  • Guides
  • Email on Acid & Litmus

CIDR IP Addresses

  • Subnet Mask
  • Classful
  • Slash notation

DMARC Details & Alignment

  • What is DMARC
  • Mechanisms of DMARC
  • DMARC Prerequisites
  • SPF Alignment
  • DMARC Alignment
  • Identifier Alignment
  • Strict vs relaxed
  • Common alignment issues
  • Anatomy of DMARC
  • TXT instructions
  • DMARC Basic TAGS

Exercise Two
DMARC Report Details

  • RUA/Aggregate Reports
  • RUF/Forensic reports

MTA Configuration Files

  • MTA Key Terms
  • MTA Role
  • Envelope-from
  • MTA: Header
  • Configuration file
  • MTA: Setup and behaviors

Advanced Rate Limits & Connection Settings

  • Rate limiting concepts

Exercise Three
Spam Filter Details

  • What is a spam filter
  • IP Addresses and Spam
  • Abuse reports
  • ARF Report
  • Spam Filters
  • Email authentication
  • Trigger terms
  • Interactive content issues
  • Campaign coding
  • Content and formatting
  • Gateway spam filters
  • Spamassassin (features, rules, scores)
  • Microsoft exchange anti-spam headers
  • Microsoft Exchange message analyzer
  • BCL -Bulk Complaint Level
  • PCL -Phishing Confidence Level
  • Third party (hosted) spam filters
  • Cloudmark
  • Desktop spam filters -methods & Reponses
  • Bayesian Method, spam filter characteristics
  • Symantec

Domestic & International ISP Specifics

  • B2B (Feedback loops)
  • COX Communications
  • Gmail/Google apps
  • Gmail postmaster tools
  • Yahoo! (At&t, Bellsouth, SBC)
  • Yahoo feedback loop
  • AOL
  • AOL postmaster
  • Microsoft Smartscreen
  • Hotmail (outlook, live, MSN)
  • Icloud mail (Apple)
  • Ios10 Mail (Apple)
  • Tencent Feedback Loop instructions
  • Mail.RU
  • Free.FR
  • GMX
  • Signal Spam
  • Signal Spam Contributions
  • Certified Senders Alliance

Additional Resources & References

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