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The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the practical tools and skills necessary for advancing their products or business in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of today’s marketing environment. Today’s technology has given marketers the ability to reach consumers and prospects across an amazing array of channels and outlets. But which ones are right for your Brand or business? This course will give you the strategic tools and insights for selecting the right message for the right customer in the right channel.


  • Develop an effective marketing plan and strategy
  • Identify key business prospects
  • Understand the role of communications in achieving marketing goals and to create an effective selling message for your Brand, product or business
  • Identify relevant channels for reaching your key prospects and to integrate across channels
  • Evaluate and utilize tools to measure success

About The Instructor

Linda J. Luca
Linda is a former Executive Vice President and Group Managing Director for McCann NY where she managed the Unilever Foods and Major League Baseball accounts.... Read More »

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  • dollar Member - $599
  • dollar Non-Member - $999

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Course Duration

  • 90 min

Continuing Education Units

  • 9 credits

Session 1: Introduction to Integrated Marketing and Setting Your Goals

  • What is integrated marketing? Why is it important?
  • Advantages and challenges
  • Understanding how to write a clear marketing objective and strategy
  • Defining the role and objective for communications to help achieve the marketing objective
  • Examples

Session 2: To whom are you really selling? How to identify your key Prospect and develop a Path to purchase

  • Going beyond standard demographics to identify the best prospects
  • Uncovering an insight or finding the common needs, desires, lifestyles that unify a market segment
  • Creating a conceptual target and/or business persona
  • Usage and impact on your selling message and communications

Session 3: How do you stand out? Creating a competitive, relevant and differentiated message

  • Mapping competitive claims
  • Importance of being single-minded and focused
  • Uncovering the end benefit (rational vs. emotional)
  • Building a message hierarchy
  • CTAs

Session 4: Media Planning Essentials: Overview of Outbound/Traditional (TV, print, radio, outdoor) PR, Direct, Sales Promotion

  • What media channels are best for my business or Brand? Awareness vs. engagement?
  • Types of media: Paid, Owned, Earned
  • Importance of media planning: when and where
  • Determining a Budget

Session 5: New Media: Overview of SEO, Mobile, Digital, Social

  • Omni vs. multichannel marketing
  • How to increase effectiveness of inbound marketing
  • Importance of engaging content
  • Flexibility and tracking
  • Cost effectiveness

Session 6: Integration and Putting It All Together with a Unified Message

  • Best-in-class examples
  • Measuring UP (how to evaluate for success and effectiveness)
  • Tracking, KPIs, CTR, Leads, conversions, etc.
  • Moving from awareness to conversion to purchase to advocacy

Outline is subject to change.

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