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Offers, Value Propositions and Calls-to-Action

Create effective marketing offers that drive response rates across channels with free premiums, discounts, deadlines, and more

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This course is not currently being offered. If you are interested in learning about upcoming education opportunities, visit https://www.ana.net/schoolofmarketing

Course Description

Gain an important overview of online and offline direct marketing channels – from print to web to social media. Explore the move toward integrated marketing and discover how direct marketing strategies can be used effectively in all media. You’ll review best practices and techniques and learn how to apply them in a multichannel environment.


  • Defining and explaining the offer
  • Marketing goals guide the offer
  • What you need to know about the short- and long-term effects of offers
  • Creating the right offer
  • Strategies for creating offers to multiple target audience segments
  • Using games, contests, and sweepstakes to improve results
  • The effect of terms and conditions on offers


Ron Jacobs
President Jacobs & Clevenger Read Biography »

Defining and explaining the offer

  • The offer defined
  • Main elements of the offer
    • Product/service
    • Incentives
    • Price
    • Payment options
    • Guarantees
  • Features/benefits table
  • The role of terms and conditions on offers
    • A safeguard for marketers, not necessarily consumers
    • Concerns and regulation
    • Common sections – the scope of terms and conditions
    • Do consumers read terms and conditions?
    • Disclosures

Your Organization’s Marketing Objectives Guide the Offer

  • Examples of an organization’s marketing goals
  • Selling direct
  • Lead generation
  • Subscription or Membership
  • Drive traffic (e.g., to retail store or website)

Short- and Long-Term Effects of Offers on your Organizational Goals

  • How offers are tied to business objectives
  • Impact of goals on short-term and long-term offers
  • Three characteristics of effective short-term offers
  • How to build value with long-term offers


  • Creating the right offer for different situations
    • When to use hard offers vs. soft offers
    • The impact of free
    • Linking the offer to a call-to-action
    • Creating urgency
    • Creating compound offers
    • The power of referrals and “get-a-friend” offers
    • Merchandising the offer for better results
  • Six benchmarks for direct marketing offers
    • Planning for a robust multichannel offer
    • Is your offer specific or could it be applied to any product or service?
    • Is your offer valuable enough to motivate response?
    • Is your offer unique and something that will engage consumers?
    • Is your offer relevant and does it provide a real benefit for those responding? Is your offer believable or too good to be true?
    • Is your offer clear, simple, short, and precise…or, leave the customers guessing?
  • Strategies for creating offers to multiple target audience segments
    • Some offers are created for niche markets, while other offers stretch across broad
    • Some popular offers you should know
  • Using games, contests, sweepstakes to improve results
    • These are among the most engaging kinds of offers
    • How games and contests change behavior
    • The incentive is often more powerful than the product or service that has implications for loyalty and repurchase
    • Sweepstakes rules
  • Investigate ways to test your offers
    • Balancing the goal of response with profitability
    • Case study: American Marketing Association – Testing membership offers

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