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Ethical Data & Marketing Practices Certificate

In this certificate program from the Data & Marketing Association, you will learn the key components and most recent updates to the DMA Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices, ensuring that your company remains compliant and is not left behind in the face of ever-evolving challenges to data protection.

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Course Description

In July 2018, the Data & Marketing Association begins enforcing the Data Standards 2.0 updates to its longstanding self-regulatory rules governing ethical marketing practices. (The newly updated Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice can be viewed here.)

In this certificate program from the Data & Marketing Association, you will be trained on the key components and most recent updates to the DMA Guidelines, ensuring that your company remains compliant and is not left behind in the face of ever-evolving challenges to data protection.

Learn the critical issues pertaining to good data governance as it relates to all aspects of marketing – by channel, by audience, and by geography. Special case studies and recent examples of hacks and data breaches are employed to underscore the importance of implementing an effective organization-wide data protection strategy.

As an industry, we must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting the self-regulatory framework that governs our ability to access and use marketing data responsibly. Because dishonest, misleading, or offensive communications discredit all means of advertising and marketing, observance of these Guidelines by all concerned is necessary. Learn what you need to know in order to remain in compliance for these newer technologies and regulatory frameworks.

Any additional questions regarding implementation of the standards can be directed to DMA’s Ethics and Compliance Department at ethics@thedma.org.

The modular coursework for this Certificate includes such topics as:

Data Standards Fundamentals

  • “Onboarding” – providing consumers notice and choice when companies combine consumer data with Digital Identifiers for Marketing
  • Internet of Things – ensuring that consumers have appropriate notice regarding data collected and used by connected devices for marketing purpose
  • Data Innovation – updated definitions to reflect advances in data and marketing technology

Marketing Offers, Terms & Conditions:

  • Review of the DMA Guidelines for Ethical Business practices 10 principles
  • Requirements for marketing offers including how to handle sponsors, solicitation, the use of artwork, and more
  • Requirements for special offers and claims, including the use of the word “Free”
  • Requirements governing sweepstakes
  • Self-regulation and the DMA Ethics Committee

Privacy Landscape & Privacy Compliance:

  • Regulations governing privacy and marketing
  • Best practices for your company data privacy policy
  • Tips for creating a privacy notice
  • Data collection, use and sharing guidelines
  • Examples of privacy policies (retail / social media / direct mail / interest-based ads)

Data Preferences:

  • Permissioning (data preferences & honoring customer preferences)
  • Types of consent and how to obtain permission properly
  • Permission by channel
  • Other self-regulation resources

Data Security, Data Stewardship & Sensitive Data:

  • Laws governing data security and privacy
  • Data hacking
  • Requirements for keeping data secure (e.g., data security training, monitoring, breach plans, etc.)
  • Handling of sensitive information
  • Onboarding and how to responsibly combine data with digital identifiers
  • How to handle data related to health and children

The Future of Data

  • Data governance for artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing
  • Data governance for connected devices and the internet of things (IoT)
  • GDPR key concepts and changes
  • EU-U.S. Privacy Shield requirements

*Recommended Pre-certificate Coursework:
It is recommended that you download and review the DMA Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices prior to starting the coursework for this Certificate.


Senny Boone
General Counsel, SVP, Compliance & Ethics Data & Marketing Association Read Biography »
Emmett O’Keefe
SVP of Advocacy, Co-Executive, DDMI Data & Marketing Association Read Biography »
Lisa Brown Shosteck
DMA Accountability Managing Consultant — DMA Privacy Shield Program Administrator — Director, Email Experience Council Data & Marketing Association Read Biography »
Kelly DeMarchis Bastide
Partner Venable LLP Read Biography »

Data Standards Fundamentals
DMA’s Data Standards initiative brought dozens of companies together to collectively review and update the standards that guide the marketing industry in the responsible use of data. In this module, instructors provide an overview of these critical updates, and answer general questions on compliance and implementation of the standards.

Marketing Offers, Terms & Conditions
Instructors will review the complete Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices and discuss in particular the articles related to marketing offers, advanced consent marketing, special offers and claims and sweepstakes.

Privacy Landscape & Privacy Compliance
Understand the key issues pertaining to privacy policy requirements and recommendations as instructors walk you through the necessities of a compliant data privacy policy and how you should be sharing that policy with consumers. Key regulations governing the marketing privacy landscape – as well as a number of examples from across different marketing channels and sectors – are also reviewed.

Data Preferences
Walk through issues pertaining to data preferences and permissioning requirements as covered in DMA’s self-regulatory guidelines. Review the different types of data preferences, consent, and how to obtain consent properly across each channel. Learn the history behind consent and the tools that DMA provides to support proper self-regulation.

Data Security, Data Stewardship & Sensitive Data
Review the critical issues pertaining to data handling requirements for sensitive categories of consumers as instructors discuss the legal and regulatory framework for data and the importance of self-regulation, especially in the handling of data for sensitive or vulnerable populations. A special case study from Highlights for Children’s Vice President of Government Relations, Information Security, and Privacy will showcase the importance of creating a culture for data security within any organization.

The Future of Data
Learn the keys to good data governance in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, internet of things (IoT) marketing, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

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