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Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing module teaches you how to create and profit from blogs, micro-blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, online videos, and photos. The social media marketing course will help develop your social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, while setting reasonable goals and expectations.

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Social media is an up-and-coming channel in direct marketing. Learn how to create and profit from blogs, microblogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, online videos, and photos. Develop your own social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. You'll come away knowing how to develop an integrated social media marketing strategy, including nine critical points in the use of social media.


  • Getting Started: The right approach to building a social media strategy
  • Content: Where's the Beef?
  • Engagement: Monitor, Measure, Tweak
  • Social media marketing options
  • Other Important Things to Keep in Mind when Creating a Social Strategy

About The Instructor

Tarek Abousalem
A father, a husband, a digital enthusiast. With 10+ yrs of digital marketing experience, Tarek Abousalem has worked, and consulted, with start-ups and fortun... Read More »

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $99
  • dollar Non-Member - $149
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Course Duration

  • 90 min

Getting Started: The right approach to building a social media strategy

  • Defining social media
  • A look at the social media landscape
  • Communcation Basics
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Defining your mission
    • Social Media SMART Goals
    • KPIs
    • Setting priorities
    • Stakeholders
  • Social Media Tools
    • Collaboration tools – free and paid
    • Case Study: Air Asia

What is Content Marketing?

  • What is content marketing?
    • Defining content marketing
    • Content marketing & Social media
    • Content marketing framework
  • Content Types & Ideas
    • Owned, paid, earned and co-created content
    • Creating content and the ideation process
      • Old content
      • curation
      • Long-form vs. Short-form
  • Creating Content
    • Distribution channels
    • Publishing
    • Advertising on social media
    • Facebook audiences: Ad types and targeting
  • Social Listening
    • What is social listening
    • 3 steps of listening
    • How to listen
    • Listening tips
    • Listening tools
    • Case Study: Oreo

What is Engagement

  • Engagement
    • Defining engagement
    • Engagement workflow
  • Influencers
    • Engagement Influencers
    • Quality vs. quantity
    • Find/research influencers
  • Monitor and Measure Social Media
    • Monitor: Channels
    • Types of metrics
    • Superficial & actionable metrics
    • Measuring the ROI of social media
    • Tweaking
  • Cost
    • Never buy fans or followers
    • Tools
    • Case Study: Susan Sarandon and NYC City Council
    • Case Study: Lipton

Other Important Things to Consider

  • Case Study: Charity Water
  • Policy, Government and Responsibility
    • Social media policy and governance
    • Social Responsibility
    • Case Study: Social Swipe
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • Keeping up with the Latest Trends

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