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Joel Weingarten


Joel Weingarten is a currently a consultant to early stage start-up businesses He works with founders and CEOs on high level strategy, fundraising, team building, product, design and marketing.

From 2010-2014 Joel was founder and CEO of StyleOwner, a venture-backed startup at the intersection of e-commerce, social and fashion. Prior to founding StyleOwner, Joel taught robotics at Penn in the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. There he developed a successful inner city education initiative using robotics in classrooms.

During graduate school at the University of Michigan, Joel was a part of a DARPA (defense department research) grant where he helped develop the world’s fastest legged robot (RHex). When not building robots or websites, Joel can be found cooking with his wife Anna, playing in Central Park or blaming his Canadian roots for turning the temperature down in the office.

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