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Leslie Laredo

President Academy of Digital Media

Leslie Laredo has been a pioneer and innovator in the digital and interactive media industry since 1983. She has been instrumental in dramatically improving the knowledge and skills of media professionals on how to sell and buy audiences and content across the digital media ecosystem, as well as enable corporate and brand marketers to incorporate digital platforms into their plans.

In the last 20 years, Leslie has trained well over 100,000 professionals in multi-brand media and ad tech companies, ad agencies and brand marketing as well as consulted with junior to C-suite level professionals at a wide range of organizations, worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Her training and consulting services have been used and valued by C-level executives, vice presidents, sales and account managers, media buyers and planners and corporate, brand and product marketers. She has worked with media representing local, niche, national, B2B and international audiences; with accounts spanning many industries including technology, automotive, travel, financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare and more.

Leslie’s students complete her courses with increased confidence, sharpened skills and the knowledge and proficiency that is needed to be effective at digital media buying and selling, and how to integrate digital platforms into marketing. A hallmark of her insights for training is her work with every level and facet of the media industry…buyers, sellers, managers, executives and marketers of all sizes. Understanding marketing strategies and media tactics with a 360-degree view of the process is critical for anyone to be successful in digital media and marketing and perform at the highest levels.

Leslie founded The Laredo Group in 1996 and its Academy of Digital Media training division. Before that she founded the very first digital ad sales rep firm (sold to Softbank), after her roles as the Director of New Media for AT&T and Ziff-Davis. Prior to that Leslie was the top digital ad sales executive at Prodigy. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science from Cornell University, and studied internationally in Sweden. She splits her time between homes and offices in West Palm Beach, Florida and New York City.

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