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Scott Fenwick

Sales Trainer, Coach, & Consultant Fenwick Consulting & Training

Scott Fenwick has been involved in training in the advertising space (primarily direct marketing and digital marketing) since the early 90’s. In 2000, he made the natural progression from Direct Marketing to Digital Marketing. Scott has worked for 6 years exclusively with the sales teams at two of the largest media organizations in the digital space and for 9 years ran an independent sales training firm. He has built training programs from the elementary to the advanced to assist media organizations in their efforts to educate and refine their sales and customer service teams. He has also run numerous programs for international training firms and universities focusing on the understanding of digital and direct marketing, sales skills and negotiation. Over the past few years, Scott has assisted in the training and understanding of products and trends in the Digital Space for one of the largest independent providers of digital media in the space.

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