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Elevating the Customer Experience Whitepaper


71% of marketers say customer expectations drive #CX prioritization… Are you putting the customer front & center in 2018?

Brands have always understood the importance of delivering rich, compelling experiences across touchpoints. Now, new research from DMA and Winterberry Group, published together with support from Pitney Bowes, shows that “customer experience” as a practice has taken on new meaning, with more than 95% of marketers saying enhanced customer experience is an area of focus for their organization, and 57% calling it a “top business priority”.

See what over 450 marketers had to say in this important report:

  • How marketers are handling data and audience management, personalization and versioning, content and campaign management
  • How delivering best-in-class experiences ultimately supports a range of key business objectives
  • What obstacles marketers face in implementing positive CX experiences
  • And more

As consumers grow more discerning in their expectations, the task of aligning disparate media grows more complex. The good news is that both marketers and their service providers are increasingly focused on elevating customer experience as an initiative that transcends the marketing function.

Today, the data goes beyond customer profiles and extends into journey mapping. Understanding who the customer is, what their product preferences are and how they prefer to shop will drive more targeted communications that reach the right customer on the right device, at their moment of need.

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