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Know Your Audience: The Evolution of Identity in a Consumer-Centric Marketplace

Marketing is in the midst of a paradigmatic shift—with a new, unified focus on audience identity emerging as the linchpin of business insight, measurement and attribution, media optimization and the delivery of better CX. What are today’s top marketers doing to embrace this shift, and how do your efforts compare?

Once the exclusive domain of marketing technologists and data junkies, “identity” has rapidly grown to represent a key business priority for enterprises and smaller businesses alike. Yet marketers are severely gapped when it comes to the tools, data and expertise needed to recognize audiences across all addressable touchpoints; only 15.3% of respondents say their organization is able to identify their audiences accurately and consistently today. More than anything else, marketers need help building a clear business case for the benefits of identity solutions.

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See what over 400 marketers had to say in this important report:

  • Only 15.3% of marketers believe they are winning the identity battle. What’s holding back adoption of identity efforts and solutions?
  • What is the role of “Walled Gardens”? Do they fuel or impede identity efforts?
  • How is new and changing regulation impacting identity?
  • And more

The U.S. identity market is poised to expand rapidly as investments in dedicated solutions increase from $900MM in 2018 to $2.6BB in 2022. Marketers that prioritize developing and implementing a strategy, including identifying key use cases and requirements for their business, will be best positioned to use identity—as well as the growing set of focused services and solutions—to drive transformative value to their customers, and consequently, their business.

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