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Joining DMA puts you at the center of today’s data-driven marketing ecosystem. So much more than just another marketing association, DMA is a next generation convener of data-driven thought leaders, influencers, innovators, and really talented people. Here, you will make meaningful business connections. Discover ideas and innovations. Gain new perspectives. And get inspired!

DMA Members gain insider access to information and influence that will make a real difference in your brand, your business and your career. All, while receiving valuable benefits and discounts on the events, program, and curated content that complement your enthusiasm and passion for data-driven marketing.

To discover all the ways that you and your brand or business can benefit directly from DMA Advocacy, Innovation, Education and Connections, reach out to our membership concierge at: membership@thedma.org.

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Why Join DMA?

We stimulate and facilitate critical thinking, ideation and problem-solving across 1,400 member companies. No other association can cultivate innovation on the same scale – and scope, as DMA. That’s because no other association represents the entire value chain.

100,000+ Marketing Professionals Connected at DMA

30+ DMA Member Groups to Get Involved In

102,000 + subscribers to DMA content

40%+ savings on DMA events

DMA is the ‘must join’ organization because our members are leading the rapid evolution of Data-Driven Marketing.

Aligned Around Four Pillars Essential to Transforming Ideas, Values, & Vision of Today’s Marketers into Business Building Solutions.

Why DMA Advocacy?

Because nothing great is ever accomplished alone and we are a marketing force multiplier.

  1. DMA’s ever-evolving Guidelines and Regulations provides freedom to innovate while protecting responsible marketers and consumers.
  2. DMA helps the industry honor consumer choice by providing the most comprehensive national suppression service available to marketers today.
  3. With a proven, powerful, and collective voice, DMA is the only voice advocating for the interests of data-driven marketers

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Why DMA Education?

Because any plan to move your business forward has to start with talent acceleration.

  1. DMA helps you find new pathways to professional fulfillment and better ways to connect with your customers.
  2. DMA convenes high-quality, immersive curriculum taught by world-leading academics and business practitioners helping marketers transform their ambition and potential into performance.
  3. DMA provides you with the power and confidence to make faster, smarter marketing decisions and improve performance.

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Why DMA Innovation

Because when an entire industry comes together it creates a huge amount of innovation.

  1. We align the collective knowledge, talents, and practices of our vast member base to pioneer solutions for real marketing needs.
  2. DMA Researches and Curates Marketing Trends, Statistics & More Year-Round providing you with insight into the challenges you face in data-driven marketing today.
  3. DMA seeks out, draws attention to, and raises the profile of the most admired data-driven innovations from around the world.

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Why DMA Connect?

Because great things happen when really talented people collide with new ideas.

  1. DMA Events, Communities, Councils and Coalitions connect you to innovative people and resources you won’t find anywhere else.
  2. DMA provides you with a dynamic network around the world that can connect you to new buyers and new markets.
  3. DMA provides you with opportunities to take advantage of leadership positions to engage with your peers on a personal level and in a non-competitive atmosphere.

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Convinced and Ready to Take this Relationship to the Next Level?

Why These Brands Chose DMA
  • DMA has always been at the fore front from the days of postal to the days of direct mail - evolving through to the current best practice and standards in digital marketing and beyond. And to have a place where we can all combine and meet and deal and tackle with the challenges we have today and in the future – that’s the job of DMA, and that’s why we are all here.
    - Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath
  • 1. Through DMA we’ve found new direct marketing agencies to help improve our campaigns and to enter new channels. 2. I am very interested in the impact AI is having on direct marketing in terms of targeting and count on DMA to provide resources to help me become more aware of how, who, why and when. 3. There’s no other group I’ve seen that provides on a national basis what DMA offers to marketing professionals.
    - Norman Quesnel, Senior Marketing Specialist, Amica
  • Working with DMA, we’ve been able to deliver a very strong set of offerings to help them build skills and help them build their marketing capabilities into this new and changing world.
    - Buell Duncan VP, Portfolio Marketing IBM
  • With “Big Data” at the forefront of all things business, I appreciate how the DMA offers sessions and workshops that break down all the complexities associated with “Big Data” to help any business, small or large, to leverage key insight to best serve their customer.
    - Andrew Bailey, Marketing Principle, FedEx
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