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Here’s why … as a Data & Marketing Association member, you're at the center of today’s data-driven marketing ecosystem. So much more than just another marketing association, DMA is a next generation convener of data-driven thought leaders, influencers, innovators, and really talented people. Here, you will make meaningful business connections. Discover ideas and innovations. Gain new perspectives. And get inspired!

DMA Members gain insider access to information and influence that will make a real difference in your brand, your business and your career. All, while receiving valuable benefits and discounts on the events, program, and curated content that complement your enthusiasm and passion for data-driven marketing.

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To discover all the ways that you and your brand or business can benefit directly from DMA Advocacy, Innovation, Education and Connections, simply click the links below. Or, reach out to our membership team at: membership@thedma.org.

DMA Advocacy

When you become a member of DMA, you gain an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing your professional needs. No other association stands behind data technology experts, data-inspired creative professionals and data-driven marketers – with more experience, more insight, and more influence in Washington, the states, and around the world – than DMA.

Find out what it means to have DMA in your corner.

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DMA Innovation

When you become a member of DMA, you take your place alongside our industry’s most innovative brands. Engage with them to ask the big, “What if” questions surrounding today’s greatest uncertainties. Draw connections between your own business challenges and their vision to uncover even bigger answers.

Find out what it means to collaborate with change-makers from around the world.

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DMA Education

When you become a member of DMA, you grow – through a comprehensive educational program developed, vetted and curated by the best academic and professional minds of our day. From the foundations of digital and direct marketing to modern marketing best practices, we are preparing the industry’s next innovators and dreamers to usher in a bright data-driven future.

Find out how far you can go with the empowering support of a real world global educational network behind you.

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DMA Connections

When you become a member of DMA, you will connect with an enduring and diverse network of innovative thinkers who are set on sharing new ideas and best practices. You will build your business through meaningful relationships with people who are leading ideas into action. You will challenge convention. Broaden your knowledge base. And – have fun.

Find out what it means to bridge the future with over 100,000 data-driven marketers from across 1,400 great brands.

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