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Without data, many marketers today would not survive. Yet, the range of policy issues and regulatory threats surrounding your ability to responsibly use data is growing wider - at an alarming rate. DMA protects your ability to gather, process and use data responsibly - so you can deliver more relevant brand experiences. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from DMA Membership.


As a DMA Member, DMA will be your champion of self-regulation as it has done for the last 60 years. Industry self-regulation is the bedrock of your ability to responsibly use data to innovate, while protecting you – and consumers.

  • Data Standards 2.0 – As a DMA Member you can play an active role in writing the rules and lining the field for the next generation – as we develop version 2.0 of the Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.
  • EU & Swiss Privacy Shield Programs – As a DMA Member, you can serve on the DMA Privacy Shield Committee and/or select DMA as your dispute resolution provider.
  • DMAChoice – As a DMA Member, get access to the most comprehensive national suppression service and help the industry honor choices for consumers. Members benefit by honoring consumers’ choices, earning brand trust and by removing those who do not want their offers and can save resources.
  • Interest-Based Advertising Choice Program of the DAA – As a DMA Member, receive compliance guides and access to member only webinars on the program that honors digital choices for the industry. DMA is one of the founders and an enforcement mechanism for this valuable service.
  • Ethics Committees – As a DMA Member, you can help the industry self-regulate by serving on these key member committees. For those interested in compliance and ethics in marketing, join with your peers in helping set and enforce ethical marketing standards in our Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.


As a DMA Member, your voice is amplified through DMA Policy Coalitions.

DMA Coalitions are your force multiplier for coordinating industry action on important legislative and policy issues. They provide you with a forum to discuss and strategize on relevant legislative and regulatory issues marketers are facing with fellow DMA Members from across the spectrum of marketing, media, technology, and creative expertise — along with seasoned, connected government advocacy professionals and insiders.


As a DMA member, you gain perspective from events that offer “inside access” to policymakers and regulators.

  • As a DMA Member, you receive an exclusive invitation to DMA’s Dynamic State of Data each spring where you will hear directly from federal and congressional policymakers on issues that affect your data and marketing practices.
  • As a DMA Member, you also gain exclusive invitations to DMA Capitol Hill Days where DMA’s Advocacy team creates a day of appointments with members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House on issues critical to your business and the industry.


As a DMA member, you will receive timely, informative and vital updates that keep you current on policy issues affecting your business .

  • Direct from Washington – As a DMA Member, receive a curated collection of must-read news from inside the corridors of power every Friday. View a past issue
  • DMAACTION – As a DMA Member, have a direct voice at the federal and state levels.
  • State Legislative Monitoring – As a DMA Member, utilize our State Legislative Monitoring platform to receive daily, customizable legislative updates.
  • Global Email Marketing Guide – As a DMA Member, you receive this free comprehensive guide that covers anti-spam and data protection laws and regulations in 77 jurisdictions.


As a DMA member, you gain access to ground-breaking research that you can use to position your business to your customers and policymakers as part of a dynamic industry delivering innovation and benefits to consumers and driving US economic growth.

  • Value of Data 2015 – As a DMA member, you receive complimentary copies of this seminal research – undertaken for DMA by professors from the Harvard Business Schooll and Columbia University – that quantifies the contributions the data and marketing industry make to the US. The Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME) contributes nearly 1 million jobs to the US economy annually, and adds $202 billion in revenue, and for the last four years has generated positive jobs growth in all 50 states. Data like this is invaluable for demonstrating the contributions of your business and the data and marketing industry to our national economy and to consumers.
  • DMA Statistical Fact Book – As a DMA member, you receive a discount for this data-rich benchmarking report which highlights opportunities and challenges for marketers. The Statistical Fact Book ensures that you can advocate and support policies on the basis of facts about the industry.
  • Working with DMA makes sure that our approach to personalized marketing at scale is done in a great privacy-safe way for people and the marketers that represent them. DMA really represents and protects consumer trust and privacy – which is very aligned with what we care about at Facebook – but also in a way that protects the industry and comes up with industry standards that all data-driven marketers need to live by.
    - Yvette Lui, Director, Global Partnerships, Facebook


Because DMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem, you benefit from maximum ROI on participation and dues.


Our Industry Benefits

Self Regulation: Framework for industry innovation
Data Standards 2.0: Upholding the highest data standard
Legislative Monitoring: Comprehensive coverage across all 50 states
Beneficial Industry Research: The Value of Data 2015

Your Company Benefits

Privacy Shield: Reputable and committed dispute resolution provider to serve in your transatlantic data transactions
Dynamic State of Data: Meet first-hand with policymakers

You Benefit

Coalitions: Your forum to help shape policy
Ethics Committees: Your chance to work and network with your peers to set and enforce industry standard guidelines for ethical business marketing practices.
Direct From Washington: Curated content from inside the corridors of power.
DMAACTION: Your direct link to influence legislative action.



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