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DMA Innovation helps you push yourself, your brand and your business to the edge of breakthrough success. At today’s rate of change, new competitors can swoop in and disrupt your business model in an instant. Don’t wait until it is too late. Find new avenues and new allies to break through roadblocks and make marketing magic happen – with DMA. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from DMA Membership.


DMA’s Structured Innovation Program brings the entire data-driven ecosystem of marketers, agencies, data companies, advertisers, media and tech firms together to solve the challenges that no single company could fix on its own – challenges like Cross-Device Identification and tracking (XDID). XDID is critical to delivering more relevant customer experiences that engage today’s connected consumers.

As a DMA Member, you have access to the business tools and solutions that DMA’s XDID Initiative is providing, such as the XDID RFI Template. Developed with the input from members of the DMA Cross-Device Identification (XDID) Initiative, the RFI template outlines the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors and the simple terms and definitions that everyone in the data-driven marketing and media ecosystem should understand. The release is an industry “exposure draft,” designed to generate conversation across the industry and solicit input to inform refinements. The RFI can be downloaded and feedback can be provided at thedma.org/XDID-RFI.


When startups compete – you win. The disruptive startup community can be a rich marketplace for innovation but one that is incredibly time-consuming to research, navigate and vet. That’s why DMA created the leading martech and adtech startup pitch competition that is merit-based – The HOT ZONE. It connects you with high-quality, curated digital solutions all in one place, at one time – DMA’s HOT ZONE at &THEN, DMA’s global marketing conference.

As a DMA Member, you can gain access to the most enterprising and sustainable startups bringing solutions to marketing and advertising and all in one, convenient location. Curated by a panel of industry executives, the HOT ZONE competition brings 15 startups to &THEN where members can speak with startups 1:1 and then watch the top five startups pitch off at the HUB Stage for guaranteed pilots with brands and agencies.


Find new-game strategies in a sandbox of innovation. &THEN is the DMA Annual Event. It brings you together with the global marketing community to learn, share and co-create the future of our industry. Featuring hundreds of speakers from major brands, leading agencies, and innovative services, &THEN is a hotbed of talent and vision. Meet with like-minded marketers for engaging conversations around topics important to your own success. Learn new things. Be inspired. And, get motivated to take your ideas to new heights with the best in the industry – at &THEN.

As a DMA Member, receive a 40% discount off registration prices, among other exclusive opportunities available to members only at &THEN.


In programmer’s language, a 302 Code is a temporary redirect of a web page. In marketer’s language, it’s an example of a marketing practice that contradicts the standard. Whereas convention calls for a permanent redirect, today’s ever-changing landscape dictates that conventional wisdom is often anything but conventional and temporary redirection is now a permanent state. 302 Code is the new mantra signaling a nimble approach to marketing and the customer experience, enabling marketers to react and redirect based on customer feedback and all powered by data. All new in 2016 – DMA’s 302 Code which premiers at &THEN LA – is a pioneering set of workshops and panels on data and its potential to disrupt marketing.

As a DMA Member, you are invited to the 302 Code programming and will hear from the leading innovators at top marketing, media, tech and data brands such as MediaMath, LiveRamp, 135th Street Agency, YouTube, The Girls Lounge, Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle Data Cloud and more. 302 Code features a dozen special sessions at &THEN that will redirect your thinking and drive agility into your strategies and marketing programs and campaigns.


DMA seeks out, draws attention to, and raises the profile of the most admired data-driven innovations from around the world.

As a DMA Member, you gain inside access to the case studies, strategies, creative execution and results behind the most effective campaigns.

  • The DMA International ECHO® Awards showcase a new generation of strategically bold, creatively brave data-driven marketers across all disciplines.
  • The DMA Innovation Awards highlight the creators, inventors, and disruptors developing game changing technologies pushing the boundaries marketing possibilities.


DMA Research provides original insight into the challenges you face in data-driven marketing today. Gain the insight you need to bring breakthrough ideas to business value quickly.

As a DMA Member, get access to the following research, among other various reports and whitepapers put out throughout the year, free or at a 40% discounted price.

  • And DMA has always been at the fore front from the days of postal to the days of direct mail - evolving through to the current best practice and standards in digital marketing and beyond. And to have a place where we can all combine and meet and deal and tackle with the challenges we have today and in the future – that’s the job of DMA, and that’s why we are all here.
    - Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath


Because DMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem, you benefit from maximum ROI on participation and dues.


Our Industry Benefits

Structured Innovation: Exclusive platform for identifying innovation
Cross Device ID: Identify your customers across all of their devices
The HOT ZONE: The power of disruptive innovation
302 Code: Never stop redirecting

Your Company Benefits

The DMA International ECHO Awards: Access a library of global innovation
The DMA Innovation Awards: The cream of the crop of innovation
&THEN: Meet innovation face-to-face

You Benefit

Webinars: Informative. Insightful. In your office.



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