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Marketing Analytics Credo

As a data-driven marketer, in the performance of providing data services to end-users and/or clients, it is my work philosophy to:

  • Abide by all applicable laws and government regulations.
  • Abide by the letter and intent of DMA’s self-regulatory Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.
  • Do no harm to any class of consumer with the outcome of my analysis, and be sensitive to issues related to language as well as honest and transparent when presenting work to internal teams as well as my clients.
  • Use marketing data only for marketing purposes, such as, ultimately making relevant offers to targeted consumers.
  • Use great care and sensitivity in the preparation and application of analyses which use personal data that can reasonably assumed to be intimate or sensitive in nature to the consumer.
  • Actively participate in the development, implementation and training for data stewardship and governance practices for all members of my organization, particularly as the insights from marketing analytics are often used and managed by others.
  • And abide by established safeguards for data security within my company to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information of consumers when using that data, including, for example, the stripping of names and addresses from analysis data samples.

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