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A Buyer's Guide to Data

A Buyer’s Guide to Data Blending and Advanced Analytics | Alteryx

This white paper explores a total of five (5) key crucial criteria you should apply to any platform you evaluate for data blending and advanced analytics. The guide provides insight and guidance on how to make the best decision for your organization.

Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guide to data management | Computer Weekly

In this 11-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the business benefits of data management tools and methods of analyzing the stored data, along with some examples of how this data is being used to innovate.

Big Data Analytics Buyers Guide | Datameer

This guide provides the rationale behind when to buy vs build a big data analytics solution.

2014 Mobile Data Management Buyer’s Guide | DCIG

The DCIG 2014 Mobile Data Management Buyer’s Guide weights, scores and ranks over 100 capabilities and features on 26 products. These mobile data management (MDM) products are given classifications of Basic, Good, Excellent, Recommended and Best-in-Class. This 52-page report offers all the information an organization should need to make a highly informed decision as to what midrange array is the right fit for each organization to meet its growing mobile data and mobile device management needs. This inaugural guide helps identify MDM products that allow IT managers to control application installation, enforce company security and privacy policies, remotely wipe and lock mobile devices, detect hacked or compromised devices, and much more.

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) Buyer’s Guide | Econsultancy

The Data Management Platforms Buyer’s Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build an understanding of this fast-growing market, including advertisers, agencies, publishers and industry analysts. This report, which has a global focus, looks at market trends within this sector, with profiles of 12 leading vendors as well as advice for buyers looking for a data management platform. The guide also includes extensive insight from individuals on the front-line of the online advertising market.

In-Memory Analytics Buyer’s Guide: Oracle Big Data/Exalytics Appliances vs. SAP HANA | Enterprise Apps Today

Big Data has become a super-heated area of the business intelligence landscape, with companies hoping to extract actionable insights from their growing stores of data. Oracle and SAP are among the vendors introducing solutions designed to help them do so.

Big Data Buyer’s Guide, Part Two: IBM, SAS, Pentaho and More | Enterprise Apps Today

Oracle and SAP have commanded much of the buzz around Big Data with their respective Exalytics and HANA products. But plenty of other vendors, including IBM and SAS, offer alternative approaches to dealing with Big Data.

Mobile Location Data Buyer’s Guide | IAB

The scope of the document is to provide a set of questions that are important to the success of campaigns using location data – for which any provider should be able to clearly and thoroughly answer for their buying partners and agencies. It is provided as a guide to empower buyers with a framework and tools to engage in meaningful conversations with their media, technology and service providers about mobile location data and its use. This guide is written for advertisers, agencies and marketers who have a general understanding of the different types of mobile location data available and how they may be used tactically for specific campaigns. There is a resource section following the guide of 12 questions for buyers who are new to mobile or unfamiliar with location data.

Big Data Connectivity Buyer’s Guide | Integra

As the pace of technology advances speeds up, players throughout the organization are impacted. You play an important role in ensuring your organization is prepared to take advantage of the opportunities created by emerging technology and market trends. The influx of “Big Data,” cloud computing, worker mobility and other industry trends are creating new demands on businesses, requiring you to evaluate what network infrastructure you’ll need to analyze, process, and store vast volumes of data moving between a variety of sources and locations. Among the most important considerations is your network provider’s ability to meet your rapidly changing needs with flexible, scalable solutions. You need the right information to make the best decisions—for your company, your employees and your customers. This buyer’s guide was created to help you sort through the complexity by giving you a broad overview of market drivers, their impact on your network, and the best technologies to meet your connectivity goals. We will provide you with some key considerations for ensuring that your network infrastructure can meet the needs of the expanding business application landscape, now and in the years to come, and arm you with a comprehensive set of questions and answers that will help you evaluate prospective service providers.

Buyer’s Guide to Big Data Integration | Pentaho

The arrival of new data types in such amazing volumes, the phenomenon known as big data, is causing CIOs and business leaders to rethink their current technology portfolio. Few companies will build their own infrastructure. Most will buy it. But what should they buy? And how can they put the pieces together into a coherent whole? The first challenge of big data is that it requires new technology. On the other hand, the arrival of big data has not rendered all other types of data and technology obsolete. Hadoop, NoSQL databases, analytic databases, and data warehouses live side by side. Analysts don’t care where the data comes from: they will crunch it from any source. The second challenge is data integration. How can the new technology for processing big data use all of the data and technology now in place? How can existing technology and data be improved by adding big data? How can new forms of analytics and applications use both the old and the new? CITO Research believes that CIOs and business leaders can speed progress by focusing on the task of integrating the new world of big data and the old world of BI. This buyer’s guide describes how to think about purchasing technology for big data integration.

Buyer’s Guide to Data Analytics and Visualization | Pentaho

Big data is on the minds of all CIOs and business leaders these days—and for good reason. Big data, in vast quantities and frequently in new formats, has the potential to transform how companies operate internally to support new and better ways to serve customers. With so much new data available, companies are feeling pressure and competition to analyze and make sense of it all. Often the first investment is in the infrastructure needed to store and process big data. But in many cases, the storage of big data becomes an obsession of sorts. The repository becomes bigger and bigger, but it seems that the data goes in easily but doesn’t come out without tremendous effort. To avoid this trap, it is important to have a plan both for acquiring and storing big data as well as for analyzing and using it.

Standard Occupational Classifications | US Dept of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics has Standard Occupational Classifications with 23 major groups, 97 minor groups, 461 broad occupations, 840 detailed occupations.

International Standard Classification of Occupations [ISCO-08] | International Standard Classification of Occupations [ISCO-08]

ISCO is a tool for organizing jobs into a clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the job

Society for Human Resource Management SHRM | Society for Human Resource Management SHRM

Job descriptions by function/title.

Nextmark | Nextmark home page

Addressable media content, provides tools for media planning, media sales, and ad operations.

SRDS | SRDS home page

Provides sources, selects, costs and other valuable information to help you find and evaluate lists and refine your list strategy for direct marketing campaigns.

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