First-Ever Cross-Industry Coalition Created by Data & Marketing Association to Tackle Biggest Challenges Facing Data-Driven Marketers Today

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has announced the formation of the Structured Innovation Identity Leadership Council to address the growing challenge of cross-channel identity and attribution in marketing. The program brings together top level marketers, agents and data professionals from the full spectrum of the advertising ecosystem to address common issues related to measuring and tracking consumer behavior and interaction.

“We are now at a point where technology has surpassed our expectations as marketers,” said Jacob Ciesielski, Vice President of Data Technology Solutions at FCB, at the Identity Council’s kick-off workshop. “Marketers are trying to leverage everything that is available to connect identities across platforms, create seamless user experiences, and personalize experiences.”

As mobile device usage continues to increase and consumer attention fragments from screen to screen, tracking the customer journey, online and off, is considered to be one of the biggest challenges of our time. DMA’s Identity Leadership Council bridges the gap by bringing diverse companies together to produce solutions that they may not have been able to develop themselves.

“I don’t even know if there is anyone else doing that today,” said Tracy B. YoungLincoln, EVP of Intelligence at Moxie, the modern marketing solutions agency. “DMA’s [Structured Innovation Program] is progressive. It’s attacking this problem head-on. And, I want to be a part of it.”

Unlike any other program, DMA Structured Innovation Identity Leadership Council unites DMA members from across the entire marketing ecosystem. “The Data & Marketing Association is uniquely positioned as the only marketing and advertising trade association that represents the entire ecosystem,” explained Tom Benton, Data & Marketing Association CEO. “By bringing our members together in ways that no one else can, we can create more opportunities for the industry as a whole to benefit.”

Rebecca Stone, VP of Marketing for LiveRamp, shared why she was engaging with DMA’s Identity Leadership Council. “The ability to talk to other leaders in the industry, not only other people who are working at technology companies but people who are at brands and agencies, and hearing all of the different perspectives in one room. We can really talk about challenges that matter to all of us.”

The ability to take intent data and – on a real-time basis look at where consumers are going across screens and devices is vital to the future of marketing. “This is a hard problem to solve,” stated Simon Shulman, Director of Marketing Analytics & Technology for TD Ameritrade. “We don’t have the expectation that we can sit in a room for a few days and solve them all. We’re trying to move the ball forward and make the industry smarter as a whole.”

With over a dozen companies collaborating and offering expertise on identity and attribution issues, the Identity Leadership Council represents an expansion of the successful Structured Innovation Program (SIP) launched by DMA in 2015. In the past, SIP has produced a set of common core tools designed to reduce the complexity of cross-device attribution, such as the Cross-Device Identification RFI Template. Today, the program is expected to yield additional resources that will initially include:

  • Identity IQ – A one-stop education portal, including expert-led videos and case studies, with curriculum that employees at every level in an organization can easily consume and leverage.
  • Identity Vendor Assessment – A toolkit containing identity data definitions, use-cases, questions, data validation assessment techniques and easy-to-use checklists to improve buyer and seller alignment.

These tools are designed to empower marketers to better reach and connect with their customers. Their expected release will be in Q3 of 2017, with Identity Leadership Council members and DMA leadership sharing their expertise and engaging with the industry at events such as &THEN, DMA’s Annual Event in New Orleans, LA, October 8-10.

Current members of the Identity Leadership Council include: Acxiom, Conversant, Experian, FCB, LiveRamp, IBM, Infogroup, MediaMath, Morgan Digital Ventures, Moxie, Oracle Data Cloud, Publishers Clearing House, TD Ameritrade, United States Postal Service, and 4INFO.

Companies interested in participating on DMA’s Structured Innovation Identity Leadership Council can contact

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