In furtherance of its mission of advancing and protecting responsible data-driven marketing, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), is pleased to announce the launch of its members-only 2014 Legislative Coalitions, reflecting the key legislative issues affecting marketers in today’s data-driven world.

“As legislators and policymakers increasingly turn their attention to matters directly affecting data-driven marketers, DMA and its members are keenly focused on staying informed on all the latest legislative developments – and ensuring that marketers’ interests are fairly represented on all relevant issues,” said Peggy Hudson, DMA’s senior vice president, government affairs.

DMA’s Legislative Coalitions are composed of marketing leaders, privacy and legal professionals, and legislative affairs teams.  Coalition meetings include working sessions and feedback collection on specific legislation. Any employee of a DMA member company is eligible to participate in a DMA Legislative Coalition.

2014 DMA Legislative Coalitions

  • The Data Protection Alliance focuses specifically on ensuring that effective regulation and legislation protects the value of the Data-Driven Marketing Economy far into the future.
  • The Digital Privacy Coalition addresses the broad scope of privacy, data security and self-regulation issues currently being debated by federal legislators and regulators.
  • The EU Data Protection Task Force is working to shape the dialogue about proposed changes to the EU framework for data protection through advocacy on both sides of the Atlantic representing the interests of U.S. marketers.
  • The Kids Privacy Coalition focuses particularly on legislative and regulatory proposals related to children’s privacy issues.
  • The Postal Coalition provides a forum for information sharing and coordination on postal regulation and legislation.
  • The State Legislative Affairs Coalition provides a forum for information sharing and coordination regarding the full set of issues on which DMA advocates at the state level.

To learn more about DMA’s legislative work, and for interview opportunities, please contact or (212) 790-1589.