Top Execs from Google, Foursquare, FedEx, and More

 August 14, 2013 — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) today announced a compelling series of Thought Leadership modules at the DMA2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition, The Global Event for Data-Driven Marketers, which will be held October 12-17 in Chicago. These lively, thought-provoking modules, which run Monday through Wednesday, will focus on revolutionary thinking from game-changing leaders in the industry, matching innovation with practicality and strategy.

“In this engaging series, data-driven marketing moguls from all over the globe will share their proven techniques, management advice, and inspirational ideas in a unique modular format,” said Paul McDonnough, DMA’s vice president, conferences and events and group show director, DMA2013.  “We bring you top executives from a wide range of leading companies, including Google, Foursquare, FedEx, Sears Holdings Corporation, Winterberry Group, OgilvyOne, UnitedHealthcare, and many more.”

Thought Leadership Series Highlights

Experience is Everything: How Shared Experiences Will Drive the Future of Business

  • Brian Solis: Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Drawing upon highlights from his new book, “What’s the Future of Business?”, digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist Brian Solis will explain how marketers can meet the tough demands of big data, global consumers, and shrinking attention spans to craft integrated marketing efforts that are relevant to each customer’s moments of truth.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile on the Path to Purchase to Maximize Sales

  • Ken Madden: EVP, Head of Digital, North America, Geometry Global
  • Martin Lange: Executive Marketing Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide and Global Lead, Mobile@Ogilvy
  • Kyle Mengwasser: Commercial Platform & Digital Strategy Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Digital technology has changed the way we think about the path to purchase.  Mobile in particular has forced us to look at the path to purchase as a fluid and flexible path with many entry and exit points. OgilvyOne, Kimberly-Clark, and Geometry Global will reveal fresh insights from research conducted among shoppers in the US, UK, Brazil, France, and Germany into how shopping behavior has been transformed by the mobile device.

Mad Men + Data Specialists: When Two Worlds Collide


  • Michael Miller: CMO, Epsilon Agency Services
  • Doug Bryan: Principal Sales Engineer, Rich Relevance
  • Ben Liang: Senior Optimization Engineer, ChoiceStream
  • Michael Schaffer: Lecturer, UC Berkeley, School of Information and Consulting CTO, Winterberry Group
  • Moderator:  MK Marsden: SVP, Epsilon

The Madison Avenue agency of the past is dead and an entirely new model is emerging — one that speaks all the languages and can connect consumer attitudes and behaviors through creativity, strategy and data assets. This session brings together five experts: Two data scientists, a former Fortune 100 CMO, an agency strategist, and a consulting CTO whose joint experiences and collaboration will ensure you effectively reach the connected consumer.

Retailization of Healthcare: A Direct Marketing Game Changer


  • Terry M. Clark: CMO, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement
  • Todd Pollak: Industry Director, Finance, Google
  • Moderator: Lindsay Resnick: CMO & SVP, KBM Group, Health Services

With the Affordable Care Act in full swing, we are witnessing a massive shift toward individual consumer decision-making. A panel of experts will focus on understanding the “whole consumer” by leveraging data and predictive insights; moving to high-engagement direct marketing to connect with consumers; learning lessons from non-healthcare market retailization; and implementing loyalty-driven end-to-end healthcare customer experiences.

Forming Cultural Connections: The Power of Multicultural Marketing


  • Christina Steed: SVP, Client Relations, Flowers Communications Group
  • Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler:  Director, Public Relations, Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Jorge A. Plasencia: Chairman & CEO, República
  • Moderator: Chris Pitre: Director, Strategic Planning, Astadia

Multicultural marketing spend is on the rise, and companies large and small are searching for innovative ways to engage multicultural audiences. Modern marketers understand how crucial it is to reach these hidden markets — the trouble is knowing where to start. Join pioneers in the field of multicultural marketing as they lead you through a thoughtful discussion focused on the value and importance of today’s multicultural consumer.

Further topics in the Thought Leadership Series include:

  • The No BS, Strictly ROI-Driven, Definitive Case Study Panel on Successful Multichannel Digital Marketing
  • The Next Big Idea in Marketing is Truth
  • Native Display Advertising Delivers the Knockout Punch to the Banner Ad
  • Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Relationship Marketing: The Next Big Thing for Data-Driven Marketers
  • The Big Data Ecosystem: Informing Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Content to Commerce: Engaging Consumers Through Paid, Earned and Owned Media
  • Marketing Has Changed. Shouldn’t the Marketer?
  • Subscribers, Fans, & Followers: Marketing’s Audience-Building Imperative
  • Outlook 2014: Data-Driven Marketing in an Omnichannel World
  • Give Your Customers What They Crave: A Moment of Calm—How to Use Silence to Rise Above the Noise
  • Transforming Your Customer Experience: MassMutual’s 12 Insights for Success
  • Follow the Money: Turn Valleys to Peaks with a New Model of Engagement and Consumer Choice

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