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Today, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and the DMA Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) filed comments urging the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to reconsider its ill-advised proposal authorizing the U.S. Postal Service to dramatically raise postal rates. DMA and DMANF asserted that the PRC’s proposal is flawed as a matter of law and risks lasting damage to the postal system. Moreover, the DMA and DMA Nonprofit Federation noted the PRC’s proposal would cause irreparable harm to millions of businesses and consumers by raising rates to levels that will discourage the use of the mail and drive much-needed volume out of the system. Click here to view the submitted comments from DMA and DMANF (PDF).

“Mail is an important tool for marketers and a critical element of a data-informed media mix,” said Emmett O’Keefe, DMA’s SVP of Advocacy. “These proposed rate increases, set far above the Consumer Price Index, will discourage companies from using the mail as a marketing channel. We hope that a common-sense approach can be developed because the current proposal will drive much needed volume out of the system, make it harder for marketers to reach customers, and risk job losses across the entire mailing industry.”

“Fundraising through the mail remains essential to the inspirational nonprofit organizations working to make positive change in the world,” said Senny Boone, Executive Director of DMA’s Nonprofit Federation and DMA’s General Counsel. “Whether funding research to cure disease or providing aid to communities in need, these proposed rate increases stunt the ability of nonprofits to raise money for their causes. The Postal Service needs to get its financial house in order, but it cannot be done on the backs of America’s charitable organizations.”

DMA and DMANF’s comments join the American Mail Alliance and 50 associations, companies, nonprofits, magazines, newspapers and other stakeholders to oppose the rate increases. “There is no precedent for an organization in any industry that succeeded through exorbitant price increases in the face of weak demand,” read the joint statement.

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