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New on-demand digital program teaches responsible data use based on industry’s ethical guidelines

NEW YORK CITY – Today, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) released a new on-demand certificate in ‘Ethical Data & Marketing Practices’. The certificate’s coursework teaches responsible consumer data use based on the most recent revision to DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice, released in October 2017.

“It is critical that all companies across the data and marketing ecosystem abide by responsible data and marketing practices in order to maintain the trust of their customers and donors,” said DMA General Counsel Senny Boone, head of DMA’s Ethics and Compliance department. “This certificate is based on DMA’s guidelines, which are reviewed in partnership with DMA members, with an eye toward technological innovations and evolutions in marketing practices. By obtaining this certificate, marketers can be certain they are keeping pace with the industry’s ethical practices, geared toward nurturing customer trust.”

This certificate program will train marketers on the required steps for compliance with DMA’s industry standards and includes relevant state, federal and international laws (such as the General Data Protection Regulation) for marketing and advertising. Key revisions to DMA’s ethical guidelines included in this new program include updates regarding customer notice and choice in data “onboarding,” Internet-connected devices, and other updated definitions to reflect advances in data and marketing technology. The coursework also addresses data governance for artificial intelligence (AI), requirements for data security, and best practices for a company’s data privacy policy. The certificate includes 6 modules and testing to complete the training and earn the certificate. This new data certification bolsters industry-wide compliance before DMA begins enforcement of its new guidelines in July.

On May 1st, as part of DMA’s regular review of data and marketing guidelines, industry leaders were invited to join in a discussion of existing consumer data protections and the impact of as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other proposed regulations of data on the consumer. DMA’s approach continues its long history of leadership in providing consumers with robust choice and transparency and ensuring the responsible use of marketing data to enrich their lives.

Companies or individuals interested in participating in the development or implementation of DMA’s ethical standards can connect with DMA’s Ethics and Compliance Department at

DMA’s Certificate in Ethical Data & Marketing Practices is the latest in a suite of professional education tools cultivated by DMA – the leader in online digital education for marketers. DMA’s digital and video training resources have equipped thousands of marketers over the last decade in the responsible use, handling, and application of data to ultimately drive better value for their customers. Additional info on DMA’s education catalog can be found at

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