Game-Changing Marketing Tech and Platforms will be featured at &THEN in Los Angeles, October 16th

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September 8, 2016 – An impressive lineup of companies developing marketing technology solutions have been recognized as winners of DMA’s 2016 Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards, sponsored by Google, celebrate game-changing technologies and platforms advancing the capabilities of the marketing industry. Announced today, the seven winning companies will be presented with their awards at &THEN, DMA’s live conference in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 16th.

“Today’s marketing ecosystem is changing and evolving at an incredible pace, and marketers are constantly in search of the next technology or solution to help them reach their customers,” said Paul McDonnough, DMA’s VP of Conferences & Events. “DMA’s Innovation Awards highlight the martech solutions that drive relevance, responsiveness and results for marketers. This year’s Innovation Award winners represent the best of the adaptive and pioneering spirit that is reinventing how marketing is practiced in the digital media environment.” Editor Scott Brinker, Judging Chair for the 2016 Innovation Awards, was asked how he would assess the effectiveness, innovation and viability of the Innovation Award entries. “Effectiveness is best measured by the business need that the solution addresses — how does it grow revenue or reduce costs,” said Brinker. “Innovation is how the solution addresses that business need in a way that is qualitatively new and different. What makes it better than what came before? Viability is how sustainable the business behind the solution is. Is it sufficiently funded or supported to achieve its mission?”

In a special awards ceremony on the Hub Stage during &THEN, vides of the winning products will be played to introduce &THEN attendees to these new marketing solutions.

DMA 2016 Innovation Awards Winners:

Category: Audience Management
Company: Whereoware
Innovation: Spotlight by Whereoware

Spotlight by Whereoware is a mobile B2B sales force automation tool that increases sales effectiveness, streamlines back-office operations, and provides sales and marketing managers better connections with reps in the field. Everything the sales rep needs is at their fingertips, including online catalogs and customer purchase history, product trends, and analytics-driven recommendations. The sales rep is also able to view every relevant interaction (customer website activity, calls to service desk, delivery issues, and responses to digital marketing initiatives) between the customer and the business. It’s all teed up for them – freeing them to focus on selling.

Category: Consumer Insight Solution
Company: WEVO
Innovation: WEVO Conversion

Digital marketers spend significant resources to improve conversion of their web sites. However, the common practice of A/B and multivariate testing results in tremendous waste as many of the options tested are discarded. This problem is exasperated by the growing need to personalize web experiences. The WEVO approach to improving conversion is unique in that it first uncovers the underlying roadblocks to conversion (appeal, credibility, clarity etc). Based on these ‘decoded digital genes’ and other customer insights, WEVO generates a new web page that is guaranteed to improve conversion. All this in 20 days or less.

Category: Content & Native Marketing
Company: Workfront
Innovation: Workfront: Agile for Marketers

Agile work methodology began in software development as a way to allow teams to be more nimble with their work and to produce more work that matters. Marketers are also under pressure to produce more material with the same or fewer resources. Workfront has revolutionized creative production management by delivering an Agile storyboard, backlog, and burndown chart, tailored to creative teams and marketers. By allowing them to seamlessly toggle between traditional project plans and Agile views, this innovation allows those teams to adopt an Agile work methodology at their own pace, and ultimately deliver more of their best work, faster.

Category: Digital Marketing Platform
Company: Conversant
Innovation: Kepler: Personalized Video Automation

Clients want to use customer data to conduct one-to-one conversations across all channels, especially the fastest-growing online marketing channel: Video. The degree to which video ads have been personalized has traditionally been extremely limited – adding a person’s name to a headline is not true personalization. Additionally, whatever high-level customization you could perform (“city”, “segment”, etc.) meant days of work for your editorial house or in-house team. Kepler changes that with the introduction of a flexible, code-based framework that enables truly personalized videos with all elements rendered in layers, just like layers of traditional video and broadcast advertisements.

Category: Loyalty
Company: Blueocean Market Intelligence
Innovation: Persona

Historically, segmentation and profiling exercises for market research and B2B marketing have been done on the basis of past behavior and demographic and firmographic data. Persona allows enterprises and research houses to move away from what people have done to how they think. With the avalanche of information being left across in the wake of online behavior, existing tools do not make use of comprehensive sources of data and Persona fills this gap. It marries data from online and offline sources to create a 360-degree view of each prospect, applies advanced analytical algorithms and generates actionable intelligence.

Category: Measurement & Attribution
Company: Hookit
Innovation: Hookit Valuation Methodology

Hookit tracks, measures and values sports sponsorship and activation beyond traditional media print and television channels to quantify value from the rapidly expanding digital and social media landscape.
Hookit enables brands to track, measure, and value sponsorship investment across 1) athletes/ambassadors, 2) event sponsorships, and 3) team, league, and federations. The data demonstrates the social and digital dollar media value that athletes/ambassadors produce for a specific brand. To do this, Hookit implements its proprietary algorithm that incorporates sophisticated image-recognition tools and market-based CPE (cost per engagement) rates on top of our social/digital media statistics.

Category: Omnichannel Campaign Management & Marketing Automation
Company: PebblePost
Innovation: PebblePost: Programmatic Direct Mail

PebblePost® invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to transform real-time online activity into personalized, dynamically rendered direct mail and into postal hubs within 12-24 hours, every day. The company’s patent pending digital-to-direct mail platform delivers the world’s first real-time tools for the channel, including segmentation, campaign management, analytics and optimization. PebblePost combines the efficiency of intent data with the effectiveness of direct mail to achieve far higher response, conversion rates and ROI.

About &THEN, The DMA Annual Event:

&THEN, the reinvented DMA annual event, is the largest global event that unites the marketing community – the people who think, plan and do what it takes to succeed. &THEN takes place in Los Angeles, CA at the L.A. Live complex from October 16-18, 2016.

About DMA ( Founded in 1917, DMA is the community that champions deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing. DMA’s membership is made up of today’s leading tech and data innovators, brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies. By representing the entire marketing ecosystem – from demand side to supply side – DMA is uniquely positioned to bring win/win solutions to the market and ensure that innovative and disruptive marketing technology and techniques can be quickly applied for ROI.

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