June 10, 2014 — Gail Henry, executive Vice President, Leon Henry Inc. insert media and list brokerage firm announced that her company is poised to enter its 59th year in business.

“Insert media which used to be called ‘alternative media’ is the backbone of our business activity and has been since the company was started in 1956,” she outlined. “My father, Leon Henry, had an idea that two companies could benefit by accepting each other’s advertising in exchange for revenue. This was in 1956 and his original clients were supermarket and drug store chains promoting products; subsequently, he broadened out to include direct response advertisers and eventually, mailing lists.”

“Our company has hundreds of mailers which use our services to find companies that will distribute their inserts in their packages, statements and catalogs among other venues,” she continued. “We’re basically expanding on the original concept of our company.”

“Leon is a 1992 recipient of the Silver Apple award and a 2013 recipient of the Golden Apple from the Direct Marketing Club of New York and was honored by the Insert Media Council as one of the founders of Insert Media”.

“Leon Henry Inc. is a woman owned business and member of WBENC as well as a family owned business,” Ms. Henry said. “In addition to long employed personnel, my sisters, Lynn James and Barbara Voudy are active in operations and sales along with my mother, Thelma Henry.”

“We’re pushing for sixty years,” she concluded.

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