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Innovative Tech from Six Companies Selected by Judging Panel of Top Marketing, Data and Tech Executives

The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) announced today the selection of six marketing technology solutions to be honored at the 2017 Innovation Awards, being held at &THEN, DMA’s global conference in New Orleans (October 8-10). The Innovation Awards judge technologies which differentiate themselves from other data applications in the marketplace, benefit the marketing community and its customers and demonstrate improved efficiency or effectiveness. 2017 winners include Adobe, AdTheorent, Conversant, Drawbridge, Equals 3 and LiveRamp.

“The most successful marketers are those who build relationships with their customers, and the Innovation Awards celebrate the technologies that facilitate successful relationship-building,” said Neil O’Keefe, DMA’s SVP of Content & Marketing. “With the average consumer using 3-5 connected devices per day, it is no surprise that the most innovative technologies in the marketplace seek to bridge the gap between devices and paint a full, rich picture of the customer journey. The 2017 Innovation Award winners have proven successful in the marketplace, and work on a daily basis to improve business outcomes and fuel relevant customer experiences.”

The Innovation Awards are judged by executives representing the leading companies in the data and marketing industry. The lineup of 2017 DMA Innovation Award judges is:

  • David Baker – CoFounder & COO, Cordial
  • Bruce Biegel – Senior Managing Director, Winterberry Group LLC
  • Dennis Dayman – Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Return Path
  • Bernice Grossman – President, DMRS Group, Inc.
  • Kathy Hecht – VP Marketing & Business Development, Silver Star Brands
  • Adam Kleinberg – CEO, Traction
  • Jennifer Marcou – General Manager, Customer Experience Marketing, Microsoft
  • Jonathan Margulies – Managing Director, Winterberry Group
  • Jen McIsaac – VP, Retail Partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Ryan Phelan – VP Marketing Insights, Adestra
  • Joe Stanhope – Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Jeff Stender – Global Digital Experience Leader, 3M
  • Chris Williams – Chief Product Officer, iHeartMedia

DMA’s Innovation Awards were first launched in 2009. 2016 Innovation Award winners honored at &THEN in Los Angeles include companies such as Blueocean Market Intelligence, Hookit, PebblePost, WEVO, Whereoware and Workfront. 2017 winner Conversant was also selected as a winner in the 2016 “Digital Marketing Platform” category with Kepler, a personalized video automation platform.

The full list of 2017 Innovation Award winners, including descriptions of the winning technologies, is below.

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DMA advances the data-driven marketing industry and serves its members through four principal pillars of leadership: advocating for marketers’ ability to responsibly gather and refine detailed data to identify and fulfill customer needs and interests; innovating to bring solutions forward to the data & marketing ecosystem’s most vexing challenges; educating today’s members of the data & marketing ecosystem to grow and lead marketing organizations in the ever-increasing omnichannel world; and connecting industry participants to stay current, learn best practices and gain access to emerging solutions through &THEN – the largest global event for data-driven marketing – and DMA’s portfolio of other live events.

2017 Innovation Award Winners:

Category: Attribution
Company: Drawbridge
Innovation: In-Flight Product-Level Attribution from Cross-Device Ad Exposure

Drawbridge is the first DSP to provide item-level attribution across various physical retail, QSR, and grocery locations in-flight during brands’ digital campaigns. In terms of attribution, we’re no longer talking about proxies – this is product-purchase data at the SKU-level. This is about taking attribution one step further than today’s standard attribution methods for CPG brands and retailers, and providing brands with the ability to optimize their campaigns towards the one metric they are constantly held to – product-level ROI.

Category:  Business
Company:  LiveRamp
Innovation:  IdentityLink

The marketing community has an enormous challenge to address. Consumers interact with 3500+ media and marketing platforms or “micro channels” on their devices. Each uses its own identifier for the consumer, amounting to more than a billion identifiers across these digital devices. People-based ads help marketers focus and target the ad experience to ensure customers see what they’re interested in, where they’re looking, when they want it. LiveRamp’s IdentityLink provides marketers and the companies they work with the ability to ensure customers are seeing what they’re interested in, where they’re looking, when they want it.

Category:  Creative
Company:  Conversant
Innovation:  The Grasshopper Creator

Today’s consumers use more than three devices every day, meaning personalized brand experiences and ad campaigns delivered to consumers must run flawlessly across every device, operating system and browser. But the resources required to bring this imperative to fruition are considerable from a coding perspective. That’s why we invented an automated design and development platform, Grasshopper. With the click of a button, Grasshopper translates design assets into industry-standard HTML5 and JavaScript code, giving designers more creative control and allowing art teams and developers to focus attention on innovation and delivering more dynamic functionality.

Category:  IoT & Emerging Technology
Company:  Equals 3
Innovation:  Lucy

Marketers are exposed to more data and tools than ever before, leading to an abundant amount of information that we do not know how to digest and utilize fully. Valuable data is being lost that could assist in making better decisions that drive better yield from media, more effective lead gen / traffic conversion etc. Lucy is a cloud-based cognitive companion that taps the cognitive computing power of IBM’s Watson to address common challenges across research, persona modeling and media planning. She represents a new advancement in how technology can speed up and improve the work of the modern marketer.

Category:  Media
Company:  AdTheorent
Innovation:  Machine Learning-Powered Predictive Advertising Platform

There has been a 50X growth in amount of data available to advertisers, creating a digital footprint of who a consumer is which can inform marketers. Despite all the talk about Big data, the fact is, only .5% of data is analyzed/used. AdTheorent addresses this issue for marketers through its Machine Learning-Powered Predictive Platform, which learns faster and across more data than any other solution in market. AdTheorent’s technology powers predictive targeting, predictive creative, and self-learning insights allowing marketers to engage the right consumer with the optimal creative experience, at the right moment and at scale, delivering industry leading performance.

Category:  Personalization
Company:  Adobe
Innovation:  Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud

Consumers demand high levels of personalization. However, brands are challenged with the scale of the undertaking required to deliver one-to-one customer experiences. Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud gives brands a full spectrum of optimization and personalization capabilities to deliver the most compelling experiences to customers. Auto-Target, the newest innovation in Adobe Target, is changing the way marketers personalize customer experiences. Now with one click, marketers can leverage powerful machine learning that automatically introduces as many experience variations as they choose in order to personalize customer experiences at scale across their digital properties.