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DMA 360 - Online Marketing Resources Platform

To help you keep up with the rapidly changing marketing landscape, the Data & Marketing Association launched DMA 360 — a cutting edge, custom built online platform. DMA 360 allows buyers of media and marketing services to learn the best new marketing techniques and to discover the best new media and marketing service companies.

Leverage the Brute Strength of Data to Inspire New Ideas — and Uncover New Pathways Forward

With features similar to Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, Google, and LinkedIn, DMA 360 is connected by a proprietary, data-driven platform where the best content, solutions and case studies rise to the top.

This online marketing resource platform allows you to upload media in any format. The DMA community then self-curates by "up-voting" the best content. This results in your own virtual business intelligence command center — filled with cutting edge marketing knowledge.

DMA 360

Navigating Around DMA 360

Channels are at the top of the homepage and hand selected by the community owners to be the most talked about, most valuable, and most timely categories for this community. Members of this community can add original content which is then organized beneath these categories. Make sure to explore the channels that you are interested in!

Original Content
Simply click ‘Create’ on the top of any page to get started uploading your original videos and media files, start group discussions or create packages.

For more information or a personal tour, contact our Membership Concierge.

Your Data, Marketing and Innovation Advantage.
DMA 360

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