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Sponsorship Opportunities

DMA seeks out, draws attention to, and raises the profile of the most admired data-driven innovations from around the world. A DMA sponsorship provides you the opportunity to build brand impact in front of thousands of marketers all in one place. From targeted communities to virtual webinars and large-scale marketing conferences, there are a variety of ways you can get your name in front of decision makers and influencers and become recognized as an industry leader.

For general information about DMA sponsorships, see below or contact Ian Parmiter at iparmiter@thedma.org.

Conferences & Events


Sponsor or exhibit at &THEN, DMA’s annual event, where you’ll find the next generation of digital, data-driven marketers. To reach the people who think, plan and do what it takes to succeed, you need to be a partner at &THEN.

For more information, contact Ian Parmiter at iparmiter@thedma.org or 212-790-1550.

Email Evolution Conference (EEC)

If you want to reach a targeted audience of email marketers, then EEC is the best and easiest investment you’ll ever make. When you join the eec community, our members look to you as industry experts and partners building their business. EEC sponsors and exhibitors experience resounding success – with many renewing year after year. Invest in your company’s success.

For more information, contact Ian Parmiter at iparmiter@thedma.org or 212-790-1550.

DMANF Nonprofit Conference

Sponsoring either of DMA’s Nonprofit Conferences (held in Chicago and Washington, D.C.) is a great way to increase your organization’s brand loyalty and help you create awareness about the products and services you provide to the nonprofit fundraising community. There are a number of ways to maximize branding opportunities at our conference, all of which you’ll find to be a valuable investment.

For more information, contact Jocelyn Argarin at jargarin@thedma.org or 202-861-2429.

Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC)

DMA convenes a unique blend of data scientists and senior marketing executives at MAC. As new opportunities continue to emerge at the cross-section of data science and marketing, so do new hurdles for innovative companies to overcome. That is why a sponsoring or exhibiting at MAC is a great opportunity to connect with potential buyers who are in the market for innovative marketing and media analytics products, just like yours.

For more information, contact Matt at matt@momentumevents.com or 212-920-9133.


Demonstrate your brand leadership with a Roundtable sponsorship. Earn recognition as a brand leader and optimize exposure for your brand as a Roundtable sponsor. You’ll help lead program development and your logo will appear on all marketing materials.

For more information, contact us at DMACommunities@thedma.org.

Education & General Programs


DMA members are given the opportunity to get noticed by highly engaged, decision-making community members. Choose from a variety of participation levels, including webinars, breakfasts and roundtables, in a community of your choosing.

For more information, contact us at DMACommunities@thedma.org.


More engagement. More Leads. More Buyers. DMA Members are invited to sponsor webinars throughout the year. This provides your organization with the opportunity to be looked at as a thought leader and helps give your brand exposure.

For more information, contact Matt Baehr at mbaehr@thedma.org or 202-862-2422.

DMA Industry Leading Initiatives

Structured Innovation

Through Structured Innovation, DMA has launched various programs where we are leveraging the Marketing Ecosystem to attract innovative solution providers willing and able to raise-the-bar for the benefit of the entire marketplace. Be on the forefront with other industry leaders by being a part of the steering committee or being an advisor on the one of these initiatives.

For more information, contact Ian Parmiter at iparmiter@thedma.org or 212-790-1550.


As marketing moves into the digital future, ongoing and in-depth research becomes more important than ever. Team up with DMA to help provide original insight into the challenges faced by the data-driven marketing industry today. Be recognized as a thought-leader as we develop cutting-edge research which allows organizations to keep pace with trends and measure their company’s success.

For more information, contact Jerusha Harvey at jharvey@thedma.org or 212-790-1461.

Inquire about sponsorship packages for the year providing you opportunities at a variety of events.
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