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Closing the Door to Legal Minefields in Cyber Marketing


Online marketing evolves as quickly as the Internet itself; and, just as quickly, the law of intellectual property changes to keep up. Alongside each new opportunity that cyberspace offers to marketers looking to build their brand, there also crops up a potential legal landmine regarding the use and exploitation of that very brand identity. Given the rapidly–morphing state of online marketing, a webinar designed to address the potential legal pitfalls of some of today’s common marketing practices is both timely and topical.

Brand recognition and reputation is often won or lost online. But what are the legal parameters of fair play? Is it permissible to use someone else’s trademarked name as a keyword in Google Adwords or Yahoo! search marketing? What rights might a retailer be giving up by creating an Amazon product detail page? Can you make eBay or Amazon take down a third–party sale of counterfeit products? What about stopping Google from returning your copyrighted photographs in their Image results? This webinar will aim to address these and other common issues that arise at the intersection of intellectual property and the Internet.

Stacy O. Stitham

Brann & Isaacson

Stacy O. Stitham is a partner at the law firm of Brann & Isaacson, which represents catalog and Internet retailers throughout the country on tax, trademark, privacy and other legal issues of unique importance to direct marketers. She has litigated patent, trademark, trade dress, and copyright cases in federal and state courts, and before administrative agencies, from Maine to California, as well asbefore the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board and the International Trade Commission. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Before joining Brann & Isaacson, Stacy served as law clerk to United States District Judge John A. Woodcock, Jr. of the United States District Court for the District of Maine.


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