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Insights from the 2015 Analytic Challenge Winners


Powered by DMA’s Analytics Community and global marketing company Epsilon, the 2015 Analytic Challenge asked participants to develop a model for a direct response marketing company that predicts the likelihood of new customers making a second purchase of a selected product. Submissions came in from across the world, and the top three solutions were unveiled at DMA’s annual conference in Boston last October. For anyone who missed this riveting presentation, this is your chance to hear from our winners as they discuss the intricacies of their solutions, how they developed their models, and what makes for a winning submission.

Sponsored by the DMA Analytics Community. DMA members who sign-up for this webinar will automatically be included in this Community to stay informed of future calls. Participate as much or as little as your time allows. Cancel at any time.

John Young

Managing Director
Analytic Consulting Group, Epsilon

Karan Sarao

Graduate Student
University of Connecticut

Aaron Davis

Vice President, Analytics
DataLab USA

Scott Ross

Senior Database Architect
MSC - A Valid Company


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