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Align Your Team’s Marketing with the Customer Journey


In this presentation, we will discuss how marketing teams can use the newest methodologies of today to best enable their marketing departments to be in sync with the customer journey. This journey, often fractured and complex, can be difficult to plan for, analyze, understand, and optimize accordingly. We will take a look at what data techniques, analytical capabilities, and marketing processes can be used – as well as how marketers can use them in concert to drive positive customer outcomes. Employing a closed loop marketing management process consistently drives better engagement, stronger measurement abilities, and better return on marketing investment. We will also explore several case studies of brands that are truly in line with the digital customer journeys of today, including Westpac, Telenor, Harry & David, and Swisscom.
Key takeaways include:

  1. How to create and maintain a true panoramic customer view.
  2. How to understand and anticipate customer behavior.
  3. How to orchestrate the next best action across any channel.
  4. How to accurately measure results to inform future actions.

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Jonathan Moran

Customer Intelligence Product Marketing

What You'll Learn

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