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Big Data, Small Data, Clean Data, Messy Data: The Importance of Analytics & Data Refinement


In this age of Big Data, are you getting the most out of collected data? Unfortunately, too many analysts are bound by limitations of database design and related toolsets; and in turn, decision makers are dictated by the limitations of analysts. We will be discussing specific ways to break this chain.

The ubiquitous nature of data, where even a refrigerator can order food for the owner, forces marketers to look beyond the existing data sources and learn how to harness the power of all types of behavioral data. We will discuss how to turn such information into insights.

We will also discuss merits of statistical models when living with overwhelming amount of data, and how to set up an environment (even temporarily) for advanced analytics. We are living through data-overload everywhere, and statistical models are the best way to summarize complex information into simple answers to questions from marketers and decision makers.

This session will provide key checklist items to turn a database from a simple depository of information into the center piece in advanced analytics. It will also cover ways to turn channel and product centric transaction data into descriptors of individuals, which is an essential perspective in multi-channel marketing.

Stephen Yu

President & Chief Consultant
Willow Data Strategy

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Landscape of current data industry and marketers’ perspectives
  • checkmark “Buyer-centric” database design philosophy to stay relevant in every communication channel
  • checkmark Importance of advanced analytics in the age of Big Data and creating “analytics-ready” data environments for maximum efficiency


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