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Ditch Rule-Based Segmentation


In the age of abundant data and ubiquitous technology for analytics and campaign management, it is a real shame that many marketers still resort back to archaic rule-based segmentation. Simply, there is no way to maximize the value of data that way.

In addition, segmentation is one of the most overused word in marketing analytics, and it is often used interchangeably with another popular term “persona”, while those are two completely different types of modeling for vastly different purposes.

In this session, the following key topics will be covered:

  • Why model? What are the key benefits of segmentation based on statistical techniques?
  • Data ecosystem around modeling exercises. Many mishaps happen before or after the modeling process, as most datasets even in modern days are utterly inadequate for advanced
  • Key differences between segments and personas. What are the main differences, and how should they be employed in database
  • How to go about implementing segments and personas effectively using all available resources



Stephen Yu

Principal & Chief Product Officer

Currently, Stephen H. Yu is Principal & Chief Product Officer at BuyerGenomics. Formerly, he was President & Chief Consultant at Willow Data Strategy. He is a world-class database marketer with a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and tactical execution, effectively bridging the gap between the marketing and technology world with a balanced view obtained from over 30 years of experience in best practices of database marketing. Previously he served as Practice Head, Advanced Analytics & Insights for eClerx, and VP, Data Strategy & Analytics at Infogroup. Earlier, he was the founding CTO of I-Behavior Inc.

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