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Join Bill Meade, Director of Data Science at Neal Analytics, for a test-drive of Azure Machine Learning—part of the Cortana Analytics Suite. Learn how to find your way around this object oriented drag and drop interface and how to build models. Documents in this product are called experiments and include: data, processing logic for the data, results from the model and the data scientist’s comments about the model. These documents consolidate the files SAS/SPSS/R users typically have spread across their hard drives into one place where they can be accessed by multiple team members from any computer with a web browser. You will learn how to upload data to Cortana Analytics/Azure Machine Learning and how to build a multiple regression model, as well. Other tips and tricks will be shared!

*For this interactive workshop, you will need to sign up for a free Cortana Analytics/Azure Machine Learning account and download the power points and data files. Instructions will be sent once you are registered.

Feel free to email Bill@nealanalytics.com with your modeling problem, and expect a warm response drawing on Bill’s broad and deep modeling tool kit.

Sponsored by the DMA Analytics Community. DMA members who sign-up for this webinar will automatically be included in this Community to stay informed of future calls. Participate as much or as little as your time allows. Cancel at any time. This network is a peer-to-peer, no fear zone. Members are able to ask questions at any level without trepidation. Our question and chat functions will provide anonymity or you can use the 'Raise Hand' feature to verbally interact with our speaker(s).

Bill Meade

Director, Data Science
Neal Analytics

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