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Machine Learning and Automated Modeling


Can machines think? Can machines do what we, as thinking entities, can do? Not quite. But they can make decisions – and that can be very helpful!

Machine learning, very simply, uses specialized programming and statistical algorithms to teach computers to make predictions based on the information found in data. And, in case you’re thinking about the recent blockbuster, The Imitation Game, no, it’s not about following a coding script! That’s what computers have been doing since Turing got it all started…

Peter Zajonc and Marty Rose – long-time Analytics Community members and thought leaders in applying data mining and machine learning – will explore the challenges and promises of algorithms that build models from sample data and then use them to make predictions or decisions.

You’ll learn how companies are employing entirely new sets of data and statistics to solve business problems, and discover methods, techniques and resources you might consider in the next generation of your company’s major data-driven marketing initiatives.

Peter Zajonc

Senior Director, ET Analytic Consulting Services

Martin Rose

Senior Data Scientist


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