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Update on Ad Fraud: How Bots are Skewing Your Analytics and ROI


We ended 2016 on a scary note, with the revelations of Methbot, the "largest ever" botnet, sucking $2 billion a year (or 15%) of video ad budgets. Have we done better since then? Some indicators lead to optimism, but what hard work remains to be done?

Dr. Augustine Fou, Independent Ad Fraud Researcher, will share first-hand case examples from publishers and advertisers who have won battles against fraud.

Take Aways:

  • Challenge assumptions and misconceptions about ad fraud and how widespread it is
  • Learn how ad fraud is skewing your analytics and corrupting your ROI measurements
  • See the best practices that have worked for advertisers and publishers
  • Take specific action to detect fraud impacting your campaigns and mitigate it



Dr. Augustine Fou

Dr. Augustine Fou is an independent ad fraud researcher and industry-recognized thought leader in digital strategy and integrated marketing. He was the former Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom's Healthcare Consultancy Group, a $100 million agency group serving pharma, medical device, and healthcare clients. Dr. Fou has over 22 years of management consulting experience and hands-on experience in creating and optimizing marketing across traditional and digital channels.

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