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Reaping Financial Rewards With Big Data…Finally!


The buzz around Big Data continues –an incredible amount of data is being generated every day, limitless cloud based systems are readily available and being used, Big Data technology companies are touting off-the-chart results, and predictive analytics firms and behavioral scientists are in great demand. There is a lot of excitement around its promise, and while many companies would like to take advantage of the rich information that can be found using Big Data, the majority of them don’t know where or how to begin.

Join analytics expert Niren Sirohi, ph.D., as he shares his insights and experiences during this eye-opening presentation. You will be shown how Big Data can be leveraged across an organization to improve customer experiences, increase loyalty, reduce costs, and positively impact overall business performance and profitability. You will come to understand best practices for implementing a Big Data strategy, find out about the process involved for ensuring success, be able to identify where your company is in its own journey, and hear about critical steps to take and potential risks to avoid that will ensure future success and prevent unnecessary costs. You will walk away with a clear vision and next steps and for how to help your company succeed.

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